X-ray scanner for parcel and baggage inspection - Voti XR3D-50s/60s

Highest security standards, comprehensive detection process, low operating costs - MATRIX's VOTI XR3D-50S/60S X-ray scanner is the answer to the growing needs of critical infrastructure protection.

Easier threat identification and assessment

X-ray scanners are used for non-invasive inspection of luggage and shipments for the presence of weapons, explosives, drugs or other illegal items.

2D models, while supporting security systems, have disadvantages. Through the presence of blind spots, they do not reveal all hidden objects. Moreover, the image they generate is flat and not configurable.

The XR3D-50S/60S MATRIX X-ray inspection scanner from VOTI Detection works with a unique 3D Perspective technology that maximizes the detection area. It eliminates blind spots while enabling faster, more precise identification of threats. The image is detailed and clear.

Intuitive operating system

VOTI Detection combines high functionality, uncompromising performance and ease of use. It reacts continuously to changes in the security landscape and updates the software. The BioSans operating system, based on the Linux kernel, automatically archives inspections (storing up to 210,000 sessions in memory) and performs self-diagnosis. It allows manipulation of the generated 3D image. It also offers such functions as zooming (digital zoom up to 64x), panning, inverting or changing the contrast of the scanned object.

Configurable threat library

The virtual assistant classifies the inspected object to alert the operator to a threat. Its list includes organic, explosive and high-density materials. Detailed settings in this area can be individually adjusted to suit the specific inspection.

MATRIX series X-ray scanners work with the proprietary VOTI INSIGHTS web platform to remotely manage the devices and track their operational status.

Downloadable materials

  • XR3D-60s datasheet

    Product sheet with full specifications of XR3D-60s

  • XR3D-50s data sheet

    Product sheet with full specification of XR3D-50s


Specifications of Voti X-ray scanners XR3D-50s/60s

XR3D-50s XR3D-60s
1477 × 1349 × 766 mm 1717 × 1433 × 831 mm
550 × 350 mm 615 × 425 mm
535 × 325 mm 600 × 400 mm
0,22 m/s
165 kg
390 kg 400 kg
Voti Detection
Since 2004, Voti Detection has been steadily developing a security network for people and property with global reach. The Canadian technology company stands out for its innovative approach to market needs. In response to the growing importance of airport security, critical infrastructure, as well as mass events, it offers advanced threat detection systems.
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In box
  • X-ray scanner for baggage inspection XR3D-50s/60s

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