About us

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Detective Store is a European corporation. The team of experts in the field of security, both in business and at home. We help you to safely spend holidays, reach school or work without problems, and solve every day problems. We present and promote cutting-edge technology to serve parents, business owners, sportsmen, hobbyists and others.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality equipment and professional technical service. Trained staff guarantees individual approach to our customers’ needs. Every year, more and more customers put trust in our products.

Our offer contains:
  • breathalysers
  • voice recorders and mini video cameras
  • GPS localizers
  • GSM phone monitoring – SpyPhone
  • audio bugs
  • secure phones
  • computer monitoring software – keyloggers
  • audio bug and spy camera detection
  • wildlife photo cameras
  • binoculars and monoculars
alcofind aor armasight blucom cellebrite diasonic
Digiscan DOD Camshot Enigma Esonic ESP
flir Garret Goscam Icom Inoxmieters lawmate
Mace REI rikaline Safa 34 SpyLogger
STC sun 38 39
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