Flipper Zero. A hacking device for electronics enthusiasts – application

person holds the flipper zero device and opens the garage door

Open gates, change channels on TV, start cars without keys and go crazy in dozens of different ways! With Flipper Zero, every owner of it can feel like a real hacker. A small device with wide functionality allows you to control almost any system. Where is the catch?

What is the Flipper Zero? A fascinating gadget!   

Flipper turns your projects into a game, reminding you that creating should always be fun,” the manufacturer of the hit device writes on its website. This, at first glance, resembles just a toy. Something along the lines of an old-school portable game console. And just like in the virtual world, the user can control and influence various systems.

Simply put, Flipper Zero is nothing more than an advanced and universal remote control for various devices and systems. Who is it dedicated to? First of all, electronics and IT enthusiasts, penetration testers, geeks and ethical hackers.

On Tik Tok and YouTube you can find many recordings documenting this type of activity. Opening a neighbor’s garage door, changing the channel on a TV in a public place, or even illegally controlling a traffic light. Such “show-offs” work on the imagination and encourage you to try out Flipper Zero in person. In practice, however, it is not as simple as it looks.

What can Flipper Zero do? Well, really a lot…

flipper zero device sits on table next to pencil and laptop

The small device combines a number of tools that provide a pass-through to a really wide range of systems.

The Flipper Zero offers, among other things:

  • RFID,
  • RF,
  • IR,
  • HID emulation,
  • GPIO,
  • hardware debugging,
  • Bluetooth,
  • 1-Wire,
  • NFC card emulation and reading,
  • BadUSB,
  • reading, writing and playing iButtons…

…and much, much more.

Flipper Zero is equipped with a small LCD screen and 5-way navigation button. We are navigated through all the activities by a virtual, adorable dolphin… wait a minute, is this still a serious device with hacking capabilities?

By all means! The device also allows you to connect to a computer or smartphone with a special app on Android or iOS. This allows it to be extended, modified and updated according to updates and needs….

Flipper Zero – what are its applications and when can we use it?

The range of possibilities of the Flipper Zero is very wide. Combined with the immediate readiness for action and the ergonomics of the device, the result is a gadget that no electronics hobbyist can pass by indifferently.

Well, but to the point. What is it that this device can do? Learn about the most popular examples!

Remote control for the estate gate

Flipper Zero allows you to open estate gates. However, before we turn into hackers, we need to understand the workings of the mechanism of such entrances. Getting to the system in most of them involves figuring out the coding. However, once we get through this and pay a little more attention, no gate should stand a chance against a small device.

It’s also important to remember that we should conduct this type of activity within the bounds of reason and the norm. Opening the gates of other people’s properties is illegal and can expose us to serious consequences!

This feature must be treated more as a curiosity, since in most cases we have access to the original TV remote control. Once the Flipper Zero is properly programmed, you will be able to change channels, as well as correct the transmitter settings.

With a small device you can also try to take control of televisions in public places. A fun prank? Yes, but within the limits of maintaining culture. Remember that not everyone may be in the mood for disruptive pranks.

Traffic lights

Controlling a hacked traffic light is completely unproblematic for Flipper Zero, but illegal under the law. So why are we mentioning it? After all, some time ago there was a loud report about a hacker from the US who bragged about such an action on the Internet.

The author of the video posted on YouTube showed that with the help of Flipper Zero it was possible to program a homemade infrared emitter so that it was able to change lights. In that case, all that was needed was to send an infrared signal of the appropriate frequency into the space in front of the car.

This type of action for a private purpose is illegal and puts all road users at risk. Often, however, similar actions are undertaken by special services, for which it is crucial to get from point A to point B quickly.

Interestingly, this way of operating traffic by the service is supposed to be safer than, for example, driving through an intersection at a signal.

Opening the car

After properly reading the unique key to the car’s lock system, the Flipper Zero will be able to open as well as lock the vehicle’s doors. As in previous cases, however, it will only be legal to play with your own machine or capture someone else’s car with permission.

Flipper Zero will prove useful only in the right hands

person sits at monitors and latpops on chair

On the web, one can find the opinion that the Flipper Zero will be a useful device only in the hands of people who spend enough time to understand it. In many cases, performing complex operations requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

So if you expect that after receiving a package with the tool you will simply take it out and start hacking whatever you can, you may collide with reality. If you don’t familiarize yourself with the basics of the device, it will land on the shelf quickly.

With the aforementioned time to understand Flipper is also a bit uphill. This is because experts agree that it may not be a good device to learn all the mechanisms. Those who are beginning their adventure with electronics and hacking should go for simpler and, above all, cheaper solutions.

Flipper Zero replacements – is it worth it?

On the Internet it is not difficult to find potential replacements for Flipper Zero. Behind the considerably lower price go, of course, clearly less operational capabilities, but also simpler operation.

People have bought in the last 48h!

  • Automatic signal detection and tuning
  • Operation in frequencies 315, 433.92, 434.4, 868.35, 300-900 mHz

Flipper Zero is a much more interesting and sophisticated option compared to the replacement we presented. If you are just taking your first steps in the field of electronics and want to brush up on your skills, we recommend choosing a cheaper and simpler model.

People have bought in the last 48h!

  • Control from built-in buttons and display, no PC required
  • Built-in NFC and Bluetooth LE module

Flipper Zero – FAQ

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Flipper Zero!

What is the Flipper Zero used for?

Flipper Zero is a device that serves as a universal remote control for various systems. Among other things, it allows you to read and emulate NFC and RFID cards, reads and pretends to be an infrared remote control, and serves as a dongle.

Where to buy Flipper Zero?

The Flipper Zero can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. Various online stores, including detective-store.com.

What can Flipper Zero do?

Among other things, Flipper Zero can open a neighborhood gate, start a car, allow remote use of a TV, and enable many other interesting capabilities.

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