Doomed to affair: 10 types of men who cheat on their partners

They can come up with millions of excuses and justifications, but none of them will be the real reason for an affair. This one is only one. Men cheat by choice: they choose to have an affair because they want to. Whenever scientists have leaned into the problem of infidelity, they have recognized the predispositions and psychological mechanisms that determine the frequency of infidelity. Discover 10 types of men who are more likely than others to be unfaithful to their partners.

5 psychological profiles of cheating guys

Not everything comes down to sex. Most affairs are emotionally based. Those who cheat are those who feel unloved, are immature, are afraid or for some reason don’t want to change their status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

Convenient coward

This type of man doesn’t have the courage to face the problems in a relationship. Instead of ending it or working to fix it, he flees into the arms of another woman. Affair comes more easily to him than confronting and talking to his partner. Seeking intimacy somewhere else doesn’t require as much effort or emotional vulnerability. It allows him to start with a clean slate.

The calculating narcissist

A self-indulgent narcissist lives in the belief that he is smarter and more attractive than his partner, so he gives himself permission to have sex with other women for sheer pleasure. Hurting his “beloved” comes naturally to him, so he has no remorse after infidelity.

Mommy’s immature son

A momma’s boy sees his wife/girlfriend as a caretaker who cares about his comfort. He behaves like a teenager himself. He seeks independence to boost his self-esteem and have a sense of power. At the same time, on a daily basis, he prefers when his partner is responsible for him. He has the so-called Peter Pan syndrome.

Charming playboy

Like a narcissist, such a man sees romance as a reward for his endearing personality. He gives the impression of being smart, funny and polite, so flirting with women comes naturally to him.

A born rebel

Independence and freedom are his overriding needs. He “suffocates” in a relationship because he feels that monogamy limits him. He shuns long-term commitment.

Men who cheat most often - trends

Statistics and expert studies, while sometimes unforgiving, provide information about the determinants of infidelity and the trends associated with it.

Wife’s keeper

The American Sociological Association has taken an interest in the impact of earnings on marital infidelity. In 2015, it published the results of a study showing that men who are 100% financially dependent on their wives are the most likely to cheat. They may be compensating for disappointed masculinity in this way.


In 2014, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study by researchers from New York and California universities, who proved that men with ages ending in “9” are more likely to opt for an affair than others. This is the conclusion they reached after analyzing data from more than 8 million users of the Ashley Madison dating site.

Service or trade worker

The same website surveyed users with a question about their occupation. 29% of respondents were related to services or commerce. Other surveys indicate a high risk of infidelity also among IT workers, entrepreneurs and the financial industry.

High certainty

In contrast, “extramarital dating site” Illicit Encounters saw a correlation between height and the frequency of infidelity. It proved that tall men (over 178 cm) are more likely to be unfaithful than their shorter counterparts. This is likely due to their greater self-confidence.

Fan of tattoos or facial hair

A service for people who are adventurous while in a relationship checked more than 3 million men from 15 countries. It found that tattooed men cheat more often or have more successful sex lives. Among other things, this has been linked to rebellious tendencies. Another appearance trait linked to cheating (including theft) is facial hair.

Psychophysical predisposition to infidelity - summary

Men cheat more often than women. The environment in which they grew up, their personality traits or experiences can cause problems with staying faithful. However, it is important to remember that an affair is always a conscious choice. No psychological theory justifies it. Just as fitting into the above patterns does not necessarily maximize the risk of infidelity.

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