Eavesdropping for your child for school. Which one to choose?

The safety of a child is one of the absolute priority things in a parent’s life. With advances in technology, the ways of caring for them are changing. More and more carers are choosing to purchase surveillance devices. In today’s article, we explain whether such measures are legal and which eavesdropping device for your child to choose.  

Child custody and surveillance

The decision to bug a toddler always lies with the parents and stems from concerns about their safety. The simplest, well-known form is the electronic nanny, which allows the child to be monitored while in the next room. 

This type of surveillance is particularly useful when the caregiver does not have the opportunity to keep an eye on their offspring.

Taking it a step further, once the child is of pre-school or school age, it is time to choose an educational establishment. Relying on online reviews is not always a good idea. That’s why some parents decide to spy on their own to find out whether the chosen place is suitable.

Have you noticed that your child has been behaving differently for some time, feeling a lot of resentment towards school or kindergarten? This could be an alarm signal. Don’t underestimate it, as it probably has something to do with events at the establishment. However, before you bug your child, talk to both your child and the educators. If this does not help, it is worth considering surveillance activities.

Is it legal to wiretap a child?

It is not allowed to record people without their consent and prior notification. Caregivers who decide to wiretap their child for school or kindergarten must therefore be aware of the legal consequences. Nevertheless, if their suspicions are confirmed, they should hand over the material collected by means of surveillance to the police. Then, if the court rules that the actions were necessary, they will not be held responsible.

Which eavesdropping device for a child to choose?

When undertaking to keep track of your little ones, it is important to do a thorough research into the products available on the market and to consider your needs. The device must be appropriately matched to the age of the child so that it does not arouse any suspicion whether in the nursery, kindergarten or school.

Eavesdropping for a child for the nursery

A nursery is a place attended by children up to the age of three. In such an establishment, a spy recorder can prove particularly useful, as minors have trouble communicating any problems.

The child recorder in the MVR-403 pin comes to the rescue. The built-in Li-Ion battery means that the device can record continuously for up to 14 hours. The microphone range of up to 5 metres allows conversations to be captured, even when the child is far away from, for example, educators.

What’s more, this child eavesdropper does not arouse any suspicion. It comes with 3 types of stickers with colourful pictures. However, for a more believable effect, you can add your son or daughter’s name.

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  • Operation time up to 14 h
  • Intended use: Voice recorder for kids

Eavesdropping for a child in kindergarten

The nursery is the place to be for bubbly 3-6 year olds. Do you have a feeling that your offspring is being harmed? If you have noticed worrying signs that indicate inappropriate situations in the establishment, act!

In such a situation, it is advisable to equip yourself with the child recorder hidden in the MVR-401 toy car. This inconspicuous toy contains a rechargeable battery providing up to 19 hours of operation and a microphone with a range of 15 metres.

This mini eavesdropper for your child is fully discreet. In addition, the casing is made of metal, ensuring that the recorder will survive any kindergarten playtime.

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  • Operating time: up to 19 h
  • Charging time 2 - 3 h

Eavesdropping for your child for school

In the case of school-age minors, there are many more problems. Difficult and worrying situations may require the implementation of spying measures. Fortunately, the choice of eavesdropping devices for your child for school is wide and will meet your needs.

A universal solution for a child of any age will be the discreet MVR-200 digital voice recorder concealed in a wristband. This is thanks to interchangeable straps in many colours. Above all, however, this equipment impresses with its performance. The MVR-200’s rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours of operation. The recorder catches conversations from a distance of 5-6 metres.

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  • Digital audio recorder in a wristband
  • Built-in 8GB memory

Another tried-and-tested tool is the digital microphone hidden in the MQ-78 pen. This eavesdropper for a child for school will work perfectly. You can write with it normally, which does not arouse any suspicion. In addition, it has an operating time of up to 20 hours and the built-in microphone collects sound from a distance of 10 metres.

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Eavesdropping for your child – a summary

Although eavesdropping is an act that can be prosecuted, the safety of the child is often more important than legal codes. However, parents choosing to put surveillance devices on their children must be aware of the possible consequences.

When choosing the right eavesdropping device for your child, pay attention to their age. This will give you a closer look at equipment that will not arouse suspicion. If you are planning such activities, it is also worth consulting experts, perhaps hiring a detective is a better option. He or she will give you a legitimate way to find out the truth about your son or daughter’s problems.

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