Wiretap detectors – 2024 ranking. Best devices, reviews, opinions

Surveillance technology is becoming more popular and widely available every year. Thus, anti-espionage devices are constantly evolving. Not sure which detector to choose? Check out our ranking of wiretap detectors for 2024 including the best models, tests, reviews and expert opinions!

Best wiretap detectors – what for?

A wiretap detector is a device designed for effective counter surveillance. It is particularly useful when we fear that someone may be following us. 

Examples include the household and living with an extremely suspicious partner. There are times when we are controlled by him to such an extent that our everyday life becomes a nightmare and we feel uncomfortable in the flat. A wiretap detector for the home will effectively remedy this problem.

By far the more common case is economic espionage. The leakage of confidential information within a company can have disastrous consequences. Eavesdropping is set up, among others, by contractors who want to use the information obtained for their own benefit. The growing awareness of entrepreneurs about eavesdropping translates into an increasing interest in surveillance countermeasures.

A professional wiretap detector will prove crucial, among other things, when running a business with employees whose integrity is crucial to the proper functioning of the company.

How do you choose the perfect wiretap detector?

You have already analysed the situation and know that you will need counter surveillance equipment. However, you still don’t know which wiretap detector to buy? The experts at Detective Store are here to help!

Verify your needs and budget first. However, it is worth remembering that security and confidentiality issues in both your professional and private life are crucial. For this reason, price should not be the only criterion for deciding which wiretap detector you choose.

In this case, the case is clear. Espionage and the technology used in it are constantly moving forward. Dictaphones and the popular ‘bugs’ are becoming more and more advanced and therefore more difficult to detect.

As a result, cheap wiretap detectors may not show their effectiveness and will therefore still allow surveillance with impunity. Therefore, consider buying proven equipment and don’t be afraid to spend more money on it.

Wiretap detectors ranking for 2024 – TOP 5 products

When choosing the best wiretap detector, other considerations are also important. It is a good idea to read expert opinions, reviews by specialists and seek advice from professionals.

It is on the basis of these activities that we have created a ranking of wiretap detectors for you. Find out which products are a good option in 2024!

1. RD-30 – low cost wiretap detector

Our list opens with the RD-30, a small and inexpensive wiretap detector, which is particularly suitable for self-inspection of a flat, hotel room or conference room.

The device from the popular LawMate brand will respond to the presence of any surveillance devices operating in the 20 MHz – 6 Ghz range. These include not only wiretaps and voice recorders, but also GPS locators and mini spy cameras.

Additional advantages of the instrument include a detection range of up to 20 meters, compact size and extremely simple operation. Thanks to it, the RD-30 is a model which will prove useful in the hands of both professionals and amateurs. Don’t delay – check out this cheap bug detector now!

Not sure about your purchase? Click on the product block and take a look at the “wiretap detector reviews” section to find out what other users think about it!

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  • Operating in 20 MHz - 6 GHz band
  • Detection of GPS transmitters

2. iDet Raksa-121 – wiretap detector for the office

Are you worried that your company might be spied on? If this is the case, it’s worth reaching for a proven solution that will keep you completely safe! iDet Raksa-121 is the best wiretap detector for the office. It supports 4G and LTE connectivity, so it can find the latest ‘bugs’.

The model is distinguished by its very wide frequency range of 40 MHz – 3.8 GHz and is capable of finding any surveillance device within a radius of 10 metres

Additional assets attesting to the quality of this solution are the long operating time of approximately 14 hours, as well as 4 operating modes allowing precise adaptation to ambient conditions.

Does your office, meeting room or business room need an anti-spy check? Now you know which bug detector to buy!

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3. iProtect 1216 – 3-band RF detector

The six-channel iProtect 1216 is an eavesdropping detector operating in the 50 MHz – 12 GHz range. The device bases its operation on six different, independent channels. Each handles a different frequency range.

We divide them into 3 strands:

  • VHF/UHF (50-700MHz),
  • mobile and wireless (700 MHz-3 GHz),
  • microwave and wireless (3-12 GHz).

Despite this wide range and the multitude of devices found, the iProtect 1216 is an eavesdropping detector for amateurs, not just advanced users. Thanks to the easy-to-read OLED display and the bar graph, we can distinguish the received signal and assess its strength. This is a definite advantage when detecting several devices at once.

The model is characterized by high sensitivity and high resistance to interference after adjusting the threshold, which has up to 48 tuning points. Thus, this eavesdropping detector, recommended by many experts, will prove its worth in investigating hard-to-reach areas.

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4. HS D-8000 PLUS – professional wiretap detector

Our ranking of wiretap detectors enters the world of higher-end products. The HD D-8000 PLUS reports the presence of not only digital and analogue ‘bugs’, but also dictaphones, cameras and other devices with wireless transmission.

The model features a capacious, low-power lithium battery that guarantees at least 2 hours of operation at maximum capacity.

An easy-to-read LCD screen informs the user of each find and indicates its strength on a 20-point scale. In addition, if an eavesdropper is found, the user is also alerted by sound signals and vibration.

Thanks to its high sensitivity of -65 dBm, its wide frequency range of 10 MHz – 3 GHz and its noise control capability, the HS D-8000 PLUS will be ideal, for example, as an wiretap detector in a hotel room.

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  • Frequency range: 10 MHz - 3 GHz
  • Detection range: 0 - 10 GHz

5. iProtect 1217 – advanced equipment for professionals

The iProtect 1217 is a revolution in the spy device detector market. The model is distinguished from others by up to 10 times its detection range. Furthermore, it is the only one on the market to work on at least 26 mobile and wireless bands. These include GSM, 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

The manufacturer has equipped the instrument with 43 levels to optimize sensitivity, which helps to distinguish signals from interference. In addition, the detector has 4 operating modes to adapt the operation to the prevailing conditions.

The iProtect 1217 has two antennas, including a high-band directional antenna to help locate transmitters above 2400 MHz.

The 6800 battery, on the other hand, provides up to five hours of operation on a single charge, at maximum consumption.

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Wiretap detectors ranking – FAQs

Wondering which wiretap detector to buy? Find out the answers to the most important questions that can help you decide!

1. How does a wiretap detector work?

A wiretap detector looks for any radio signals at different frequencies and of different nature. It works by probing a given room. As it approaches the source of the signal, the user is alerted to its presence.

2. Which wiretap detector?

When choosing a bug detector, you should consider your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more money on a more advanced model that will be effective. Among other things, pay attention to the frequency range as well as the modes and operating time.

3. Will a wiretap detector detect a dictaphone?

On the market you can find wiretap detectors whose functions allow them to detect electronic devices such as just a dictaphone. In addition, they can also find cameras and mobile phones, among others.

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