7 reasons why a photo trap is a better solution than a home alarm

Photo trap or home alarm? Wireless cameras or alarm systems? These questions are often asked by property owners who fear robbery. The arguments are many, the opinions – even more. So we’ve done the analysis to show you 7 reasons why a photo trap is a better solution than a home alarm. Read on!

Photo trap or home alarm – which to choose?

Home burglaries are no longer as common as they were just two decades ago. In the 1990s, such crimes were commonplace. Today, the number is regularly declining. What is the reason for this? More and more households are equipped with alarm systems to protect against theft. If you properly stock your property, thieves will quickly be discouraged and abandon their evil plans. The key is to choose the right equipment and use it correctly.

How to secure your home against burglary? What to choose: a photo trap or a home alarm? Learn 7 reasons that point to the superiority of the first solution!

Why is a photo trap a better choice than a home alarm? Here are 7 reasons

Many people wonder what are the best ways to protect their homes. The search for answers often ends in a dilemma that is not the easiest to overcome. Photo trap or home alarm? Which to choose? Our experts have made an analysis opting for the first option.

1.   Wider range of functions

Wireless cameras offer far more possibilities than a regular home alarm. They are primarily used to record the surroundings of your home. Monitoring your yard will quickly inform you of an intrusion by detecting movement within the lens.

Photo traps are also characterized by easy installation, long operation time and many different recording modes. Some models are additionally equipped with special alarms. This is a solution with a wider range of possibilities than a classic anti-burglary system.

2.   Record of evidence

In the case of burglaries, it is very important to catch the perpetrator and bring him to justice. Photo traps, also known as forest cameras, will not only alert you to a robbery, but also record the entire incident.

The recordings are a huge help in later tracking down the thief and identifying him. Any material is worth its weight in gold during a possible court hearing or police investigation. Such opportunities will give you only surveillance cameras.

Source: Youtube @PocNetwork

3.   Home inspection even from the other side of the world

After a long wait, the time comes for the longed-for vacation. You finally leave your cozy home and begin your journey to the other side of the world. At that time, you want to be 100% sure that the possessions you leave behind are completely safe.

With a photo trap, you will have a view of its vision at any time. All this with the help of special mobile applications, through which you connect the device to your smartphone or computer. In the event of a break-in, you will be notified immediately, allowing you to take quick preventive action. You will thus take care of your home, no matter where you are at the moment.

With such an awareness, your vacation will relax you even more, and your drinks will taste much better!

4.   Low probability of a false alarm

A home alarm is extremely sensitive to any movement in its immediate vicinity. This means a high risk of false detection. Sometimes the signal can even be triggered by a falling leaf, a flying bird or a book falling off the shelf. Save yourself the annoyance and the services – unnecessary intervention.

When the photo trap detects suspicious movement, you will be the first person to be notified. You yourself will then check whether the situation requires intervention. The chance of being fooled by a false alarm thus drops to almost zero.

How to protect your home from theft? Choose a photo trap!

Wireless cameras are one of the best ways to protect your home from theft. Here are the other reasons why you should consider equipping your household with a photo trap!

5.   Effectively discouraging the thief

Backyard monitoring can often be spotted at a glance. Its installation “in plain sight” is, contrary to appearances, a very sensible move, which can effectively deter a thief from robbery even before it begins. Why?

The bandit will most simply be frightened that, thanks to the recordings, what awaits him is not enrichment, but imprisonment. Of course, there are exceptionally desperate burglars who will not be worried by the sight of a photo trap. Often, however, its presence is enough to chase the villain away.

6.   24-hour monitoring

Wireless cameras, compared to many classic alarm systems, watch over the security of your home around the clock. The signals guard the property mostly during certain hours, usually at night. They thus leave a sizable gap in your defensive strategy. This is because thieves can discover when the system allows them to carry out a theft.

Photo-traps will do their job regardless of the time of day or night.

7.   Easy operation and installation of photo traps

A home monitoring system is characterized by relatively easy installation and a small number of wires. This is a big improvement compared to complicated alarm systems, the installation of which often involves long work. Secure your home without forging walls, hiring specialists and incurring large expenses!

In addition, the operation of such devices is fabulously simple. You will do the configuration, image reading and recordings management manually or remotely, through a dedicated mobile application.

Summary – Detective Store will help you choose a photo trap!

There are many ways to improve the security of your property. Wireless cameras, however, are a tried-and-true method with high efficiency. Financial considerations are an additional advantage.

However, taking into account what losses such an expense can protect us from, it is worth turning a blind eye to the number of zeros after the decimal point.

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