First flashlight was patented by Conrad Hubert, the founder of American Ever Ready Company, 118 years ago. Imagine that then it was only able to give literally a brief flash of light, hence its name. Hand-made from crude paper and fibre tubes, it wasn‘t very durable.

It was, however, a breakthrough in mobile lightning equipment. First flashlights, thanks to the battery that used a paste electrolyte instead of a liquid, although simple in design, gained advantage over candles and kerosene lamp, not to mention torches.

First users of this device, beta-testers of their times, were thrilled with the lack of smoke and uncomfortable odour. They were not threatened with sudden burns, as even the first flashlights didn‘t produce too much warm through their casings. New batteries were resistant to cracks and leak-free. These advantages ensured bright future for flashlights.

Nowadays, they give us green light for exploring dark spaces and nothing can stay hidden in the dark. Without handy flashlights it‘s hard to imagine survival, mountain hiking, camping, power cut-offs and for some people, like hunters or members of armed forces, this device is an intrinsic tool for their work.

We will continue with the surprising history of flashlights later. Now, let‘s move on to check what Ledlenser manufacturer, with which we have started cooperation as their authorized seller, has to offer in terms of flashlights products.

The smallest keychain Ledlenser K2 flashlight

Think about the essential things without which you won‘t leave the house. For sure you thought not only about your indispensable smartphone, but also about a wallet and keys. What about a flashlight? You may not be aware of how handy and convenient the miniature keychain Ledlenser K2 is. Its measurements are 5,18 cm ‘ 1,45 cm. It has a built-in LED diode of 20 lm and a lighting distance of up to 20 metres.

Lm stands for intensity of a light beam in lumens. The more lumens, the brighter light is emitted by a flashlight. Beam light is tested in a laboratory using the Ulbricht sphere method, so you shouldn‘t trust products from unverified sources – you can‘t be sure if they have ever passed that test!

Although it weighs only 20 g, its casing is mode of anodized aluminium which is resistant to sprays of water or minor cracks. The manufacturer gives warranty period of 7 years from the date of purchase, if the product is registered.

Headlamp for after dark workout

It‘s important to have unoccupied hands during an intensive work out but also calm jogging, so worth recommendation are not only pockets in your outfit or hip packs but also a headlamp perfect for runners ‘ Ledlenser H6. It‘s also great for persons who require extra source of light doing precise work and need to have their hands free.

Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is a good thing in case of this flashlight, as it emits light of up to 200 lm (10 times more than the keychain flashlight!) in the 120 meters range. This compact and comfortable device is a perfect guiding light as potential dangers on the road may easily be spotted and omitted.

It doesn‘t mind rainy weather, just like a persistent runner, as it is protected against sprays of water (IPX4). Works on just one AAA battery and is equipped with the Low Power function that provides economical light for long battery life when you don‘t need strong light.

Pocket flashlight at hand

The Ledlenser TT pocket flashlight is almost two times bigger than the miniature one (116 x 32 mm) but it still fits well in your hand, pocket of trousers, jacket or a rucksack. The Turning Focus function provides a customizable light intensity (from 25 to 280 lm) and light beam in terms of range (from 80 to 220 m).

Is this small device able to throw light on narrow corners? It sure is, thanks to the Advanced Focus System‘, you can adjust diameter of the light beam. Its operating time is up to 25 hours in the energy saving mode.

Outdoor headlamp for the demanding

Perfect for a running trip, mountain climbing or survival weekend – the Ledlender H7.2 headlamp with the Dimmable function that allows for steady adjustment of light intensity (20 ‘ 250 lm) and four modes of operation that save energy and extend its functionality.

The Boost mode provides short-duration maximum power for brighter light and the Blink emits light impulses at regular intervals which is helpful for signalling your location. With the Front Switch you can choose the mode of operation the device with one hand. It can work on one set of batteries for up to 30 hours.

A big advantage for outdoor activities is a higher water resistance than in the H6 model – IPX6 (protection against water penetration if getting very wet for a short time).

Non-slip flashlight with LED chip

The Ledlenser P7.2 non-slip flashlight has a patented LED chip that strengthens the emitted light and prevents its casing from overheating.

The Advanced Focus System‘ plus Speed Focus allow the user to adjust the beam light to maximum 320 lm and up to 260 metres range! Its casing is covered with the Frozen Black texture for improved grip and comfort, that is non-slip, matt and durable what makes the Ledlenser P7.2 a perfect companion in harsh conditions.

Handy flashlight with rechargeable battery

The biggest advantages of the Ledlenser P7R flashlight are not only a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 40 hours of operating time but also very high light intensity – to 1000 lm!

Its range is up to 210 m what is enough for mountain excursions or survival trips. Has class IPX 4, what means it‘s resistant to dust and sprays of water. Adjustable diameter of the light beam is perfect in difficult conditions when you need to switch between vast areas and narrow, dark crevices.

Majority of similar products offer only two modes of operation – basic and energy saving but Ledlenser P7R offers also a Mid Power function for medium light.

Flashlight with SOS function for rescue teams, police, hunters and security forces

A handy device which may help to save somebody‘s life, with as many as 5 modes of operation, the SOS Ledlenser M7R flashlight is made to order and dedicated mainly to rescue teams, police and armed forces. The S.O.S. setting emits the distress SOS signal in Morse code and the Blink creates light impulses at regular intervals for signalling your location.

A very interesting function is the Strobe mode designed for self-defence – it emits flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for distracting an attacker. Other modes allow operating in high or medium power. Light intensity may be adjusted between 15-100% and, depending on the mode, it can work up to 40 hours.

This model has a rechargeable battery and the Energy Management System informs when the battery is low by emitting very low light not to drain the battery too much.

Tourist flashlight with 6 modes of operation

Have you ever been scared of getting lost or having an unpleasant accident in mountain, like a broken leg and lack of ability to reach a mountain hostel before it gets dark? The Ledlenser tourist flashlight is an indispensable device in such situations as you could signal your location to a rescue team.

You could use the SOS or Blink mode, which automatically emits light impulses at regular intervals at 280 m range and intensity of 650 lm. It can work for even 15 hours in energy saving mode, as the Boost mode, which provides maximum power for more brightness, uses more energy.

Tactical flashlight for nature and rescue teams

Rescue actions require professionals with professional gear like the Ledlenser M17R tactical flashlight with 850 lm and up to 450 m range. This advanced model is equipped with Smart Light Technology microdrivers and a multi-function switch on the back – simply use it to change settings.

The mentioned before Advanced Focus System‘ is also present here and provides adjustable light beam, from sharp and narrow to diffuse and broad. This tactic flashlight features a low self-drain and basically no capacity loss, operating time of up to 36 hours and a battery indicator at its back that shows current charge status and level of battery.

The M17R flashlight is used by rescuers in rescue actions, people in forestry, police officers and border guards. Modern professional lightning gear does not only make other people‘s work easier but takes an active role in saving lives, conducting investigations and also preventing crimes. Flashlights came a long way during the last 118 years.

If you are interested in a specific flashlight model or have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us online or by the phone – we have all the answers you need!

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