Metal detectors for treasure hunting are fascinating not only for history lovers and collectors who track down traces of the past, but also persons looking for profit. Coins collectors visit places of mass events or touristic areas to look for objects that may have got lost during lavish entertainment or carefree relax. The more they collect, the more profit they get!

Treasure hunters use metal detectors for beach combing, where tourists tend to lose change but also objects of higher value like precious jewellery and watches that may easily sleep out of pockets or bags, and then got buried in the sand.

Earrings, rings, chains and bracelet are taken off before sunbathing and then get lost under beach towels and huge beach bags.

In similar way not only change and smaller objects may get lost but also more expensive gadgets and smartphones. Usually you would check twice whether you have your smartphone but people do not pay as much attention to little things and may start looking for a bracelet or earrings not sooner than at the hotel, or may realise that small change is gone when they want to buy fish and chips.

There‘s not much chance for an ordinary tourist to find in the sand the lost items, but it‘s highly probable for a treasure hunter equipped with a professional metal detector kit.

There‘re also small, hand metal detectors that allow for very precise detection even in wet sand or seawater.

Garrett PRO-POINTER at metal detector, so-called 'carrot' for treasure hunting

The Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ AT metal detector detects metal with whole surface (360‘ detection capability), and precise location with the tip of the stick enables location of tiny objects.

This model has a high level of waterproofness and resistance to dust and provides a precise detection thanks to as many as three sensitivity modes. The higher sensitivity, the bigger range so, in order to locate the smallest object, it‘s advisable to choose the lowest sensitivity and turn on the function of narrowing the field of detection.

Then the device ignores environmental interferences (e.g. the impact of mineralized soil) focusing exclusively on its primary goal. One of its user admitted that thanks to these settings the device started vibrating and sound alarm turned on just 2-3 cm away from the potential treasure.

Other user was using the ‘carrot‘ in a creek for six hours. It‘s fully waterproof so you may clean it up even in a – puddle!

Depending on the distance of the detector from the treasure, the frequency of the sound alarm or vibration changes. It doesn‘t like to be idle, so after 5 minutes without activity the sound alarm turns on what allows for locating the device. Intense orange colour is also not a coincidence!

You may think that a black one would look better and dirt would be less visible, but it would be much harder to find on the ground. Orange is also better noticeable under water, especially when water is dirty.

The metal detector with LED diode is conveniently operated with a large, single button, that can be used even while wearing thick gloves. It‘s located at its side what provides comfort in adapting the device – just use your thumb while searching for the treasure.

Its location may easily be known thanks to the scoop helping to estimate the distance from the object. The search in wet earth or sand is facilitated by the strengthened and robust edge of the detector.

What the black Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ II has to offer?

Garrett PRO-POINTER II metal detector with LED diode

The Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ II metal detector is characterized by higher sensitivity than the Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ model, as it can also detect objects made of stainless steel. Moreover, it automatically re-tunes to environment – just turn it off and on again. It can also be manually adjusted using the button comfortably operated with a thumb, even in a thick glove.

Upon detection of an item, the Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ II metal hand detector notifies the operator by either sound or vibration alarm. If the device is inactive for more than 5 minutes, an alarm switches on automatically and lasts up to 60 minutes. Thanks to the noisy sound the device can be located. After an hour, it turns off to save the battery.

In order not to lose it (it can also be in a holder) take advantage of the additional mounting handle ‘ attach it to a lanyard or a durable cord attached, for example, to a belt loop.

The Garrett PRO-POINTER – II metal detector‘s waterproof and durable construction complies with the IP66 standard. It can be washed in a puddle or used during rain but for prolonged underwater detection we recommend Garrett PRO-POINTER‘ AT with IP68.

Thanks to the built-in LED flashlight you can search for treasures in dark places without the necessity of holding a flashlight in the other hand or adjusting a headlamp. Remember, however, that light from a metal detector cannot be compared to light produced by a professional flashlight after dark, especially on a beach that at night looks like a black hole. Read this article, to learn how to choose a flashlight.

XPointer Land metal mini detector in three colours

The hand-held metal detector Pinpointer XPointer Land offers 4-level sensitivity of detection and three types if alarm (vibration, sound, combined). Similar to the previous models, it alarms if lost and, thanks to the waterproofness class of IPX7, can be submerged (up to 1 m for 30 min) and used during rain.

It weighs only 200 g, including a 9V battery. The set contains: a holster, lash and probe cover. If you don‘t fancy orange colour (though it‘s the most intense), you can choose black or camo.

Garret and Xpointer Land metal detectors are recommended not only for treasure hunting but also for securing:

  • mass events
  • industrial plants and prison units
  • sport facilities and stadiums
  • all places where metal objects are forbidden.
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