Area 51 is one of the most closely guarded places on Earth. Just a few years ago, the US government denied its very existence, trying to hold back as much information as possible. What is it exactly and how can one get there?

What is Area 51 associated with?

Quite a lot of you would most likely answer research on extraterrestials. Unfortunately, it is just another conspiracy theory, never confirmed by the US government. Besides, they have not acknowledged the existence of the Area until 2013! Where did the rumours come from then?

In 1947 near Roswell, a supposed ‘flying saucer‘ crashed. Even though there were a few witnesses, the officially released information remain unclear. The government claims it was simply a meteorological balloon accident, while the owners of the ranch the crash took place on talk about a ‘strange wreckage‘. According to the theory, the UFO remains are stored in Area 51, where they are researched, and attempts to reverse-engineer them are made. And, of course, there are medical experiments conducted on aliens.

What security measures does Area 51 have?

Area 51 is protected by numerous motion sensors, capable of differentiating between animals and human beings. Apart from that, there are also cameras and sound detectors installed. Some sources claim that every employee of the complex has to sign an absolute confidentiality agreement. Additionally, every crew working in Area 51 knows nothing about the base, apart from their own research! Even when a plane would taxi to the landing strip, anyone not involved with its testing are required to remain indoors.

The border between safe ground and Area 51 is marked by numerous warning signs. According to them, the area belongs to the military, entering and taking pictures is prohibited, and in case of violation of these rules, the military is authorized to use deadly force.

The borders are patrolled by jeeps, driven by men wearing desert camouflage, so-called ‘cammo dudes‘. Their task is to observe and, if possible, avoid contact with those who enter the Area. If they notice anyone trespassing, they call she Sheriff. Sometimes the area is patrolled by a helicopter, and rumour has it that the pilots would sometimes use prohibited manoeuvres, e.g. flying extremely low over the unwanted visitors.

The shape of the terrain itself is a good security as well. To see the facilities with a naked eye, one would have to climb to the Tikaboo Peak observation point, 42 km away from the base. Area 51 is also a no-flight zone! This restriction applies to civilian aircraft as well as military ones – unless they have a permit.

Conspiracy theories

Apart from the previously mentioned UFO, the specialists of Area 51 are supposedly researching:

  • energy weapons
  • weather control
  • time travel and teleportation
  • the Aurora program – a recon/bomber craft capable of flying with very high speed

Area 51 remains one of the best secured places in the world, and entering the base still can end grim. What projects – if any – are developed there remains a mystery.

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