Fine and expensive equipment is not enough for an effective listening device. To get valuable information you need to have good camouflage. Detective Store offers installing listening devices in everyday objects brought from client‘s house or office. 

Offered bugs are of small size so they can be installed virtually everywhere: in an alarm clock, teddy bear, briefcase, toy, radio, speakers and many other things or places. Frequency scanners allow for receiving signal from far distances (depending on the type of a bug).

What‘s in the set?

The set contains a quartz bug and radio receiver ‘ a Uniden frequency scanner. We offer GSM and radio bugs. The first one communicates with the module via cell phone, the other receives signals through frequency scanner.

Who is it for?

It is dedicated to every person that wants to discreetly gain information. If you are a businessman looking for a way to protect your company from dishonest employees or competitors, a bug may be installed in your company clocks. If you are a parent worrying about your child wellbeing in e.g. a kindergarten ‘ bring a toy and our specialist will install a bug in it. It will help you solve many potential problems.

The list of objects in which we can hide a bug is never-ending. Choose one of your preferences and contact us. Specialized and experienced service team will prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs. If installing a bug is possible, we guarantee to give the object with a bug back to you within 5 working days.

Contact  us:

Land line: (44) 0203 290 11 99

e-mail : contact@detective-store.com
To contact our team concerning details, please call the number above. If you prefer contact by e-mail, kindly send us a message with description of a product in which the bug will  be installed.
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