Since the dawn of history people have been trying make their life happier and more entertaining. Psychoactive substances are considered one of the ways in which this goal may be achieved. One of the most common psychoactive substances is alcohol which is well-known all over the world. Even in the Bible we read stories about drinking alcohol during the Last Supper when the water was transformed into wine. Alcohol has been commonly used during important celebrations such as weeding, funeral or other occasions. However, it should be remembered, that alcohol is also drunk spontaneously. In this kind of situations much more attention is required, as some people do not realize that even one beer may be too much.

Nowadays there are situations in which sobriety is an absolute must and this is where modern technology comes into play. Most of professions require a total alcohol sobriety unless you are a wine tester. It is therefore important to control the amount of alcohol in our blood, especially when we drank a day before. Each organism is different and digests alcohol in a different way. Drinking one beer may show different measurements results among different people. Modern devices known as breathalyzers allow to control the amount of alcohol in human‘s organism. These are innovative solutions which provide people with opportunities to investigate the level of alcohol in the blood, and then determine if it is safe.

Historical background of breathalyzers

The first breathalyzer was invented in the 1930s and it was only able to determine if there is an alcohol in the blood or not, without any concrete details about he measurement. Moreover, it tend to show unreliable results in different conditions. The next step towards more accurate alcohol measurements was taken by Germans in 1953. Not only were they used by the police and the government but also by normal citizens. Their invention was more accurate and it was able to determine the amount of alcohol. However, their size was extremely big and their measurements results were very often inaccurate. In time breathalyzers were becoming more and more popular providing the customers with better testing solutions and more accurate measurements.

Current solutions

Nowadays people are provided with a variety of breathalyzers to choose from depending on their personal needs and expectations. Some people do not have enought time to go to the police station to perform an appropriate test. A great solution for people who are looking for an accurate measurement in domestic conditions is Home electrochemical breathalyzer PRO X5+. It uses electrochemical sensor in order to determine the amount of alcohol in the exhaled air. It is very simple in use and equipped with sound alarm which makes its performance even more reliable. Please note, that any breathalyzer requires calibrtaion.

Home electrochemical breathalyzer BACtrack Trace

Different types of breathalyzers are chosen according to different needs of the users. For instance in companies and transport corporations where sobriety is an absolute must the efficiency of the performed test plays a key rule as there are many workers to be controlled. A good solution for such purposes is Precise electrochemical breathalyser AL-9000 available at our store. It does not require any mouthpieces and is extremely precise. It is characterized by reproducibility of the result and solid case.

Another measuring device dedicated to particular need is a professional bar breathalyzer AL-4000V with LCD screen. It is equipped with mouthpieces and solid metal case. It operates with electrochemical sensor. It is an ideal solution in the bars as in other facilities where sobriety is really crucial. The LCD screen can display music and video clips what in an additional advantage. This device is available at our store.

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This website helps to determine the amount of alcohol in the organism by asking some basic questions. However, the measurement is not as accurate as in case of normal breathalyzer and should not be treated seriously. It may only indicate what factors are important when it comes to alcohol testing.

Alcohol itself is not a bad thing! It is a great way of relaxing considering the moderate amounts. On the other hand we have to be careful when and how much we drink. This is why breathalyzers are so important when it comes to sobriety testing. By choosing products available on our website you can select the right breathalyzer which will meet all of your expectations.

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