Top breathalyzer manufacturers – which company to choose?

Breathalyzers are devices that are becoming increasingly popular for home use. If you are thinking of buying your own device to check your sobriety after a boozy party, we recommend you take note of our article today. Here are the best breathalyzer manufacturers on the market!

Which breathalyzer to choose?

In one of our articles, our team of experts took a look at the topic of the best electrochemical breathalyzers. The range of products in this field is really wide, which makes it difficult to make a choice.

In the Detective Store you will find a range of products from different companies. If you are one of those people who know what they want from a breathalyzer, but can’t find your way around, this article is for you!

1.  AlcoForce

AlcoForce specializes in manufacturing technologically advanced breathalyzers. Their main goal is to provide high-quality breathalyzers – primarily for uniformed services, especially the police, but also for individual customers.

Products from AlcoForce enjoy a good reputation among both professionals and individuals. Thus, they are used in various fields (they are used, for example, by institutions, transport companies, workplaces, etc.).

AlcoForce is known for the reliability of its products, which guarantee precise and reliable sobriety measurements thanks to advanced electrochemical technology. The company is also distinguished by having international certifications, such as FDA and DOT, which confirms its high quality standard.

All breathalyzers from AlcoForce undergo detailed testing and analysis in a specialized laboratory before being released to the market.

The Detective Store offers a wide selection of breathalyzers from this company. Noteworthy is the AlcoForce Raptor AT 7000 mouthless screening breathalyzer, distinguished by its compact housing, modern design and ease of use. This model will be great for screening at workplaces.

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  • Quick screening alcometer accurate screenings
  • Perfect for employers, security services, the police, etc.

2.  Lion Laboratories

It is a renowned British manufacturer of professional breathalyzers, which has been on the market since 1967. Lion Laboratories’ main goal is to constantly improve the precision of measurements by using the experience and knowledge of its engineers. The company regularly tests their devices in order to constantly develop the equipment they offer.

Breathalyzers from Lion Laboratories are characterized by functionality, intuitive operation, and precision performance to ensure reliable and accurate results. The compact design of these devices makes them practical to use. The range of advantages makes the company’s breathalyzers widely used by the British uniformed services, as well as businesses and individuals around the world.

You can find many models of breathalyzers from Lion Laboratories at Noteworthy is the police AlcoBlow mouthless breathalyzer. This modern equipment is most often chosen by uniformed services for screening. Its work is fast, but at the same time very precise.

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  • Very comfortable - no mouthpieces required
  • Extremely fast measurement in just 5 s!

3.  AlcoFind

AlcoFind offers solutions for those looking for a breathalyzer perfect for everyday use and equipped with a solid-state sensor. The assortment of alcotesters of this company, which you will find at, also includes devices with a professional electrochemical sensor.

These are aimed at users with more demanding requirements. Nevertheless, all equipment from AlcoFind guarantees full reliability of test results.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, when choosing a breathalyzer, the manufacturer may be of key importance. It is worth betting on someone with experience, which is characterized by a high level of technology. AlcoFind was founded in 2002 and develops its technologies independently. As a result, it is leading the way in the alcotester industry.

We invite you to get acquainted with AlcoFind’s breathalyzers. The PRO X-5+ model is a particularly recommended product. The modern electrochemical sensor allows testing in a wide range from 0 to 5‰ with an accuracy of 0.5‰. Check out its capabilities now!

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4.  Dräger

The history of the Dräger brand dates back to 1989. The company’s motto is “Technology for Life.” It reflects the company’s main goal, which is to create products that protect and sustain life. Breathalyzers from Dräger are used by various sectors, including hospitals, fire departments or other uniformed services, but also businesses and individuals.

Detective Store offers reliable breathalyzers from this renowned company, as well as many other devices for detecting drugs or dangerous gasses. Dräger ensures quality testing and 100% safety for those being tested.

All equipment from Dräger ensures precision and repeatability of results, with maximum convenience and reliability for mobile operation. One such device is the Dräger 4000 breathalyzer, which has a sensitive electrochemical sensor and a modern design. In addition, it takes only 4 seconds to be ready for operation.

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  • Testing range 0-5,00‰
  • Authorized electrochemical sensor DrägerSensor

The best breathalyzer manufacturers – summary

We hope that zooming in on these few of the best breathalyzer manufacturers on the market will help you make a choice when buying a device. Meanwhile, in addition to the brand name, pay attention to the basic parameters that will meet your requirements.

Seek expert advice and find out whether equipment with an electrochemical sensor or perhaps a semiconductor sensor would be more suitable for you.

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