While analysing sales data we noticed that interest in handheld frequency scanners is gradually rising. These devices can serve many purposes, such as listening to CB radio, ham radio bands, aircraft and uniformed services (such as police forces, fire department, boarder guard) frequencies. They are often used by amateur radio operators, tow truckers searching for car crashes and journalists wanting to find interesting events.

Unfortunately these devices are also used by criminals. Armed with frequency scanners, customized cars and police signal systems, they sell guns and drugs. Majority of police transmissions is not encrypted, because coding systems like TETRA are too expensive to be used by all police forces.


Detective Store has a wide range of frequency scanners, from amateur to the most advanced ones, dedicated mainly for uniformed services and professionals.

One of the cheaper solutions is a compact air band radio scanner Uniden EZI33XLT. It works with VHF-L, VHF-H, FM, UHF frequency bands, as well as with aircraft frequency bands. Additionally, to increase the comfort and quickness of operation, certain frequency ranges are programmed automatically, in 9 bands (such as EMF, FRN, PMR, MRN, FM radio, Aircraft).

Frequency range is 78-512 MHz. The scanner memory allows for programming as many as 180 frequencies, divided into 9 banks. Operating the EZI33XLT is very easy and intuitive even for beginners. Frequencies searching, changing channels, modifying saved data are performed by using convenient and ergonomic buttons. Scanning range is up to several kilometres (depending on the weather, localization, etc.).

In the middle price range there is a pocket-size waterproof frequency scanner AOR AR-Mini. Its design was customized for expanding to maximum its functionality, with frequency range 100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz. This small sized device may be also used as a wiretap detector and is able to decode encrypted sounds of conversations. AOR can record up to 1000 frequencies and one of them can be selected as a channel for priority listen-in. Its operation lasting is up to 22 hours on two AA battery charges. This scanner operates on AM, NFM & WFM modulations and uses popular CTCSS and DCS communication standards. Moreover, the transmissions are stabilized with a cutting edge TCXO compensation system that improves the quality of use.

One of the most advanced products in our offer is the radio counter-surveillance system DigiScan Delta 4G12G, with the frequency band of 100 up to 12400 MHz.

Delta 4G12G is able to detect many surveillance devices such as:

  • analogue VHF / UHF transmitters
  • GSM/3G wiretappings
  • RF transmitters with encoded sound transmission
  • telephone transmitters
  • transmitters on telephone, power or Ethernet cables
  • concealed wireless video cameras
  • IR beam transmitters

DigiScan has a wide choice of graphic result presentation methods such as: broad-band spectrogram, sonogram, I/Q constellation diagram (complex plane), oscilloscope and FFT. Except for the possibility to analyse RF waves, Delta detects IR beams and power cables that may be a threat to your privacy and data leakage.

In the Internet there are webpages with list of frequencies to listen to, try it out with one of our devices and see how it works!

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