The interest in camera traps has significantly increased over the last year. We receive an increasing number of e-mails with questions concerning new models of camera traps. We have decided to trust SpyPoint, a well-known Canadian brand, and introduced a range of models produced by them to our store.

 Apart from flag models ‘ Force-12 as well as Iron-10 ‘ we possess also the newest models such as Mini Live and Smart Pro.

All of those models feature similar functions, however, there exist a couple of functions which set them apart. The above-mentioned SpyPoint Smart Pro possesses a special activation system, called I.T.T, which enables taking better photos through the analysis of the object‘s movement. Additionally, Smart Pro was equipped with 62 infra-red diodes (IR) which will easily illuminate the whole area up to a distance of 18 meters. The advanced PIR motion sensor is used for triggering the camera. It ensures fast detection of objects entering the device‘s area of reach.

This model has got as many as 7 modes of operation:

  • ‘photo ‘ taking a series of 1-10 pictures each time the motion sensor is triggered
  • ‘video ‘ recording a video sequence of pre-defined length each time the motion sensor is triggered (10s/30s/60s/90s)
  • ‘photo + video ‘ taking 1 picture and recording a video sequence of pre-defined length each time the motion sensor is triggered
  • ‘time-lapse ‘ taking pictures in pre-defined intervals (30s/1m/3m/5m/15m/30m/1h)
  • ‘I.T.T settings (Intelligent Triggering Technology) ‘ pre-defined settings of scenarios (Trail ‘ stalking, Feeder ‘ monitoring of feeders and bait stations)
  • ‘test mode ‘ for appropriate setting of the device‘s location and determining the scope of action for the motion sensor; each activation switches on the signalling diode
  • ‘schedule ‘ allows to determine the exact hours during which the camera will be active, independently for each day of the week

The standby time of such a camera trap is approximately 4 ‘ 5 months, depending on the chosen mode. Of course, there exists a possibility to equip oneself with an optional rechargeable battery pack, or solar battery, which will significantly increase the work time of our device.

SpyPoint Mini Live is another device which found its numerous fans among the gamekeepers and observers of wildlife. An important element of this camera trap is a built-in GSM/GPRS module allowing you to send pictures as MMS / e-mail messages, or upload them to

The most important features of SpyPoint Mini Live scouting camera:

  • ‘high quality of photos and video recordings during the day and at night,
  • ‘durable and waterproof housing allows to use the device in adverse weather conditions,
  • ‘PIR sensor detecting movement and activating the camera,
  • ‘activation initiates taking a series of 1-6 pictures, recording a video sequence, or taking a picture and recording a video,
  • ‘a possibility to create schedules for every day of the week,
  • ‘time-lapse mode ‘ taking snapshots at specified intervals,
  • ‘automatically controlled IR illuminator, invisible to human eye,
  • ‘powered with 6 AA batteries, efficient energy management ensures long battery life,
  • ‘a possibility to connect an external 12V power sources (external power adapter, solar battery),
  • ‘colour LCD display ‘ settings adjustment and viewing of recorded materials,
  • integrated GSM/GPRS module allowing to send pictures as MMS / e-mail messages, or upload them to,
  • ‘a possibility of remote configuration via,
  • ‘compatibility with all mobile network carriers (both prepaid and subscription cards).

The use of SpyPoint cameras

The main asset of SpyPoint camera traps is their compatibility and variety. It is a device with increased durability when it comes to temperature extremes and with a waterproof housing. It will be an ideal instrument for wildlife observation, preventing poaching, game, timber yards, fish ponds monitoring as well as the observation of industrial facilities and even regular parking lots where we leave our vehicle.

If we wish to protect our home or we are simply wildlife hobbyists, SpyPoint devices will help us to fulfil each of those tasks and the available accessories will increase their ergonomics and will enable us to pursue our objectives.

You will buy SpyPoint‘s cameras on our website.

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