Global Positioning system has been used for a long time in a variety of ways. It has been invented in the United States of America in the 1970s. With 31 satellites circulating around the Earth, it is possible to determine the coordinates of specific objects with extreme accuracy. In order to use thich technology effectively you just need to have an appropriate receiver which receives a signal from the satelite. GPS has revolutionalized determining of coordinates in the last decade. In spit of the fact that it was initially used to locate people and important parcels, in time it has become a system which provides security not only for people but also for animals.

Loosing your pet

Have you ever lost your pet completely loosing your hope for finding him? It is commonly known that pets, and dogs in particular have a tendency to flee. Sometimes it is not their fault. It should be remembered that even domestic pets are still animals which are governed by wild instincts. They can be undoubtedly thaught some behaviouristic patterns by we cannot predict how would they behave in all situations and all circumstances. For instance we have no influance we have no influance on mating perioid of our pets. At this time they tend to run regularly looking for their partner. If you have a pet you have probably experienced such kind of unpleasent situation.

GPS  for pets

An innovative solution has been invented in order to provide security for your pets, prevent them from being kidnapped or just to monitor them. This is where GPS system comes into play. As the GPS receivers have become more and more miniatured they might be discreetly hidden in different objects which might be conveniently worn by your animals. A great example of such device is a locator for pets from Tractive, available at our store. The main slogan of that company is ‘Animals are our passion‘. It enables locating your pet in real timet hanks to GPS module. It is compatibile with Android and iOS systems allowing you to trace your animal with a mobile phone having a complete control of its location. It is equipped with LED diade which will help to locate your pet in a total darkness when you go for a night walks. It requires a special subscription, however while buying this product on our website you are provided with a year subscription.

Modern design, and waterproof housing provide security of the highest quality. It is very light, simple in use and does not require any additional wiring. The great advantage of it is the fact that you can trace your dog in real time, so whenever you worry about your animal‘s location by using your mobile you are immediately informed about the current position of your pet. Additionally you can determine the ‘safety zone‘ which would help to establish the boundries out of which your dog might be in danger. Whenever your pet is outside of the ‘safe zone‘ which you have determined you are sent the message with an alert by the mobile application. It should be remembered than electro magnetic field may influence the work of the device. GPS module might be mounted to any collar with ease with two montague clips available in two sizes. It works in 80 countries. To find out more visit our website.

Another similar product which might provide safety for your animal available at our store is GPS locator Tractive for a hunting dog. It uses the same principle as the device described above, however it is directly adressed for hunting dogs. It is believed that hunting dogs may run away very qucikly as their main goal is to catch other animals which are also escaping. In this kind of situation it may be very difficult to find the exact location of your dog if the runs away for a long distance. 

The device also uses a free mobile application compatibile with Android and iOS systems and you are immediately informed about the location of your hunting dog whenever you want. Its main features are waterproof and light design and determining ‘safety zone‘. It is also equipped with LED diode which enables work in a total darkness. The GPS locator might be easily mounted on any collar. Please note that this offer includes GPS locator without a collar. The collar may be ordered as an additional accesory. To find out more, please visit our product page.

The next product which may provide safety for your animals available at our store is a collar for GPS locator Tractive with O-ring mounting. It is made of durable nylon, which is resistant to dirt. It is available in two sizes allowing you to adjust the right size to your animal. Additional protection prevents the collar from falling down. To find out more pleas visit our store.

Additional product which provides animals safety availbale at our store is adressed for demending pet owners. It contains the features of the devices described above. Additionally it is equipped with Svargovsky crystals which will make your pet even more charming. It is water-resistant, easy in use and equipped with LED diode. It also uses free application compatibile with Android and iOS systems which provide control of your pet directly through a mobile phone. It also enables determining the safety zone as the previous devices from Tractive. Please note that this offer includes GPS locator without a collar. The collar may be ordered as an additional accesory. To find out more please visit our product page.

If you really love your pet, provide him with security of the highest quality by buying products available at our store. You will be ensured that your pet is safe all the time and these products will help you during the long walks. GPS locators will make your dog safe and sound 24 hours a day.

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