Poaching, theft, illegal waste disposal – these are just some of the threats that give the owners of outdoor areas a sleeepless night. With them in mind, forest cameras with a wireless module were invented- they will discreetly record any uninvited guest. How does the GSM photo trap work? Lets find out.

Photo trap to catch a thief and vandal – The perfect solution?

Discreet outdoor monitoring is not an easy task. As a rule, spy cameras either require permanent power supply or have inefficient battery. Not to mention the design that is not suitable for outdoor operation and lack of suitable mounting.

This is a big problem, especially since there is no shortage of temptations for criminals. Every allotment owner, forester, hunter, or owner of a private apiary knows that. So how to protect private areas from wood thieves, poachers and vandals?

Investing in a good photo trap will solve this problem.

The recorders are very popular among customers of the Detective Store network. And for good reason: a photo trap (also known as a forest camera) is perfect for discreet and convenient monitoring of outdoor areas.

In this text we will focus mainly on models equipped with wireless connectivity. Let us find out whether it is worth paying extra for this functionality.

GSM photo trap – How does it work?

Readers of our blog are well aware of how a photo trap works and why it is worth investing in one. Thanks to its motion sensor and instant shutter, the recorder does practically all the work for us. We only have to take care of charged batteries and regular emptying of the memory card.

The latter may prove tedious and inconvenient… unless we invest in a GSM photo trap. The wireless module gives us remote access to all files regardless of where we are – the only limitation is the GSM network coverage.

This means that photos and videos are visible from a dedicated application on the phone (only in some models) or are sent to the assigned e-mail address or in the form of an MMS message.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the GSM module photo trap is very easy to use. To use wireless connectivity, you only need a registered SIM card with provided funds on the account.

The Ereagle E1S forest camera is just such a model. Apart from the GSM module, the device provides excellent quality of footage (Full HD videos and 12 Mpix photos) and invisible night illumination at a distance of up to 30 m.

It is an ideal choice for protecting a plot of land, private pond or forests.

GSM module – Alarm on demand

Remote data transmission means not only convenience, but also greater security. If we regularly visit the photo trap, we can unknowingly warn criminals about the place where it is hidden.

Choosing a forest camera with GSM, we do not have to worry about anything but the state of the battery – which often lasts up to 12 months. GSM module can also be used in some models as an effective alarm system.

As soon as the PIR sensor detects movement, the camera will immediately take a picture and send it to your phone. This gives you instant proof of a crime and the ability to call the police to the scene.

GSM photo trap – Price VS quality

How much does a GSM photo trap cost? Not much in relation to the possibilities offered.

The cheapest models we can get for as little as 169 GBP a great example of which is the WILDGUARDER B1 thief trap. The camera takes videos in Full HD resolution, has a fast shutter speed of 0.8 s and sends pictures via MMS or e-mail.

For customers with a bigger budget, on the other hand, we recommend the LTL 6310WMG Forest Camera. This camera providesexcellent quality materials (photos up to 4000‘3000, videos up to 1440‘1080), – 100‘ wide-angle lens – three independent motion sensors for maximum shutter release, – invisible infrared LEDs that provide clear night lighting in total discretion.

In addition, the photo trap allows remote transmission of footage at 1 MMS per minute and schedule recording. The latter function is useful for periodically checking the property in the absence of the owner.

A photo trap is not everything – Practical accessories

To increase the effectiveness of the selected GSM photo trap it is worth taking care of a set of accessories.

A good idea is to invest in a solid holder for the MA-360 photo trap, compatible with models of the Spy Point brand. It provides smooth adjustment of the camera in the range of 360 ‘, so you can set the lens at any angle.

So for a relatively small price, you get a durable, stable tree mount that can withstand inclement weather and curious animals.

If we want to gain a potentially unlimited operating time, we should buy a solar panel for photo traps by Browning. The battery will power the camera with solar energy, significantly extending battery life.

If we set it in the right place, power supply will no longer be a problem for us. The solar panel in conjunction with the GSM module provides the highest comfort in using the camera and minimizes the need to visit the place of its hiding.

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