Running your own company might involve the necessity to install security systems e.g. in the office and adjacent warehouses. But will regular CCTV cameras be enough? You might want to consider adding some extra equipment to improve the effectiveness of your basic systems.

Offices provide a lot of places to install microcameras, concealed e.g. in common appliances. They would form an additional line of defence in case of theft or burglary. It might also prove useful at employee supervision, protecting the company from dishonest people and improper behaviour; not to mention improving the security.


An area located usually next to the entrance to a company building. Every single employee or visitor needs to pass the receptionist‘s desk, or even announce themselves there prior to entering. Placing a camera in this particular spot grants us a view of every person coming in or out. In order to avoid using a large CCTV camera, you can install a stylish clock equipped with a microcamera instead. Such a gadget will not arouse any suspicions.

Social room

Cameras located in a break room might prove useful in a number of situations. A motion-triggered camera will allow to maintain employee security and prevent vandalism. With a microcamera you will be able to discreetly monitor and bring improper behaviours to an end.

Storage room

It often holds huge quantities of supplies needed for the office‘s everyday operation – reams of paper, toner cartridges, pens, cleaning supplies, tea or coffee. A video camera can help to keep track of what is happening in the room. Installing a camera hidden in a smoke detector would be a good idea – storage rooms are particularly prone to fires, so such an appliance would not seem out of place there.

Loading ramps

Transportation and delivery companies, or any sort of businesses involving shipment might benefit from a discreet camera installed near the loading ramp. It will grant the ability to monitor the shipments and loading process, allowing to maintain security and prevent theft. Moreover, it could protect the company from employees‘ possible false claims.

Large warehouses

Every appliance mentioned above is perfectly capable of monitoring large warehouse areas. It is where dishonest employees decide to steal merchandise most often. Apart from that, these areas are often accessible to a number of other people. The cameras will effectively prevent such practices and ensuing financial losses.

Companies are frequently vulnerable to a number of unpleasant situations. Even though trust placed in one‘s employees is an important virtue, having cameras installed will allow concerned bosses to rest assured. However, it is necessary to inform the employees about installing the cameras, as it is illegal to do it with them unaware!

title photo by: oatsy40 (Creative Commons)

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