ALC-T11 HD IP camera for wireless environment surveillance Movie
ALC-T11 HD IP camera for wireless environment surveillance

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ALC-T11 HD IP camera for wireless environment surveillance

  • Wide angle of view 78°
  • Live observation function
  • Recording in HD quality
  • Recording schedule
  • IR illuminator allows to operate at night

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ALC-T11 wireless alarm clock IP camera

A wireless IP camera concealed in a clock housing, able to capture video in HD quality. Built-in IR illuminator allows to record black-and-white image in darkness. The device's elegant and stylish design efficiently mask its true purpose.

  • Operation time

    Operation time

    up to 5 h

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    Li-Ion battery

  • Remote

    WiFi Support

    Live observation

  • Video resolution

    Video resolution


The ALC-T11 alarm clock camera is is a perfect solution for discreet surveillance, e.g. during the owner's absence at home. Apart from its unique design, its main advantage is motion-triggered recording, ability to operate in darkness, and live observation feature. Video files recorded in HD quality make it possible to discreetly keep an eye out on teenagers left alone at home, babysitters, etc. In case of burglary or break-in, the recordings can be used as proof during court proceedings.

Key features of ALC-T11 alarm clock IP camera

  • Utter discretion

    Utter discretion

    The camera was designed specifically not to evoke any unnecessary interest during operation. Its concealed lens and IR illuminator do not reveal the device's true purpose.

  • Modern design

    Modern design

    The camera's design is one of the factors contributing to its discretion. Black, streamlined housing, and unique shapes allow to make the device a part of virtually any home decor.

  • Wide angle of view

    Wide angle of view

    The ALC-T11 has a 78° angle of view, resulting in a wide area being covered by the camera. The device is best situated in a corner of a room, so that it is able to record as wide an area as possible.

  • High quality image sensor

    High quality image sensor

    The device utilises a high-tech CMOS image sensor, not unlike those used in photo cameras or X-ray machines. The sensor ensures excellent image quality in a range of conditions.

  • Convenient operation

    Convenient operation

    The IP camera can be operated either manually or via a mobile application for Android or iPhone. The application allows to take snapshots, and to switch the IR illuminator on and off.

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    The device is powered by a replaceable 2200mAh Li-Ion battery, which allows to record video continuously for up to 5 hours.

  • MicroSD card data storage

    MicroSD card data storage

    Video and photo files are stored on replaceable memory cards (up to 32 GB capacity). It enables swift and discreet replacement of storage media.

  • Motion-triggered recording

    Motion-triggered recording

    An extremely useful function, saving the operator's time and storage space. Once this function is turned on, recording will be triggered upon detection of movement in the sensor's range.

  • HD quality

    HD quality

    The ALC-T11 IP camera records clear image in HD quality.

  • IR illuminator

    IR illuminator

    The camera comes with a built-in IR illuminator, which allows the device to operate in conditions of insufficient lighting. Captured image is monochromatic.

Product video


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Specyfication of IP camera ALC-T11 hidden in an alarm clock
Angle of the view78°
Lens2 mm
ResolutionHD 1280 × 720
Frame rate
  • 30 fps NTSC
  • 25 fps Pal
Photoes formatJPEG/BMP
Video formatAVI
External memoryup to 32 GB
IR sensoryes
Night operation
  • yes - up to 5 m
  • monochrome vision
Motion detectionyes
Recordings overwritingyes
Power supplyDC 5V
Electricity consumption220 mAh
Operation timeup to 5 h
Wireless video transmissionmobile devices iPhone/Android
Working temperature-10°C ~ +50°C
Admissible humidity95%
Size45 × 95 × 35 mm
Weight125 g


  • IP hidden in an alarm clock
  • USB wire
  • Accumulator
  • User manual


Reviews (7)

By Henry F.

Comment : IR illuminator works as should producing quite clear images in low light
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By Hayden P.

Comment : bought for almost half the price thanks to a discount, WOW! I almost feel like I earned the money … ;)
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By Juan R.

Comment : great that it works on iOS as well, the app is simple in use yet has many useful options
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By Grace P.

Comment : perfect for corners of my house, I can observe what;s going on when Im not there
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By Imogen P.

Comment : Nicely hidden in a clock
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By Amy R.

Comment : We are generally happy with this device though the operation time could be longer
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By Bradley W.

Comment : satisfactory HD quality of recordings,can be operated with a cell phone
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