In a song no body, no crime from her 9th album evermore Taylor Swift tells a story of a woman who is afraid that she may be cheated on. Her husbands actin different, and it smells like infidelity– sings Swift and adds: She says, I think he did it, but I just cant prove it. Do you suspect that you may be cheated on like the woman in Swift song? Your gut feelings and intuition may be convincing, however, they do not prove you right. Do not only think that he did it – get an evidence to confirm or rule out your suspicion.

Semen SPY – test the physical evidence

One of the most direct and fastest methods to prove one’s unfaithfulness are fidelity tests that will allow you to discreetly check the loyalty of your partner. The tests detect PSA proteins in semen so all you have to do is to test a material containing biological traces to confirm a presence of sperm. The test is as reliable as professional lab analysis, it is safe, discreet and leaves no traces on tested material. You can test every fabric – underwear, bedding, car seats, etc., anything that can carry a physical traces of infidelity. If you suspect that you may be cheated on, equip yourself with SemenSPY Deluxe kit containing a test and UV lamp. The lamp will allow you to detect semen traces that cannot be seen with a naked eye or are dry and old – thanks to this, you will know exactly from where to connect the samples to test. The kit also contains a scalpel, pipettes, gloves etc. – everything that will allow you to conduct your research as quickly and precisely as possible.

Get the access to the phone content with SpyPhone

Infidelity may leave visible traces but some people will do their best to not leave visual signs of their unfaithfulness. If there are no physical evidences, you can dig deeper and check the device that contains plenty of information – your partner’s mobile. You can buy a phone with installed spy software or buy the spy software separately and have it installed on the device. The spy software enables real-time eavesdropping on conversations, recording phone calls, access to received and sent messages (both e-mails and from IMs like Whatsapp), insight into a browser history, access to photos and other multimedia. If your partner uses the phone to contact his/her bedmate, checks dirty websites or stores unambiguous photos, you will know it with the help of this software. If your partner tries to hide something on his/her phone, you may discreetly check what it is.

Audio recorder -be an invisible witness of a conversation

But take a step further. Let’s assume that you have no access to your partner phone and you cannot install a spy software. What else you can do?

The answer is easy and offers multiple possibilities: a voice recorder. With the use of a tiny, hidden microphone you can hear your partner’s conversations and find out if this „friend you don’t need to worry about” is a harmless company or a bedmate. There are plenty of choices when it comes to voice recorders that are discreet and raise no suspicion. Does you partner spend a lot of time in the front of computer? Pick a voice recorder hidden in a pendrive or a mouse. Does he/she drive a lot? Chose an audio recorder hidden in a car phone holder or USB car adapter. Does he/she work in the office? A recorder hidden in a pen or a notebook will be a perfect choice. A miniature voice recorder can be hidden in actually every object so it will not raise any suspicion and will go unnoticed.

Camera – see with your own eyes

What if you suspect that your partner brings his/her sexual partner home? There are better methods than asking your neighbors if they saw a strangers entering your house. Hidden camera recorders are one of the best ways to have a clear evidences that you can see for yourself. You can pick a camera hidden in a potted plant, a clock, a smoke alarm or a cloth hanger – anything that will suit decorations in your bedroom and will raise absolutely no suspicion.

Combine this with a SPYSemen test and you can be more that sure that your partner is (or hopefully is not) a cheater.

Private investigator – let the professional be in a charge

If you don’t have a time or will to spy on your partner by yourself, you can always find somebody who does it for you. A private investigator is a great idea when you want to put your issue in hands of somebody who is a professional, knows what to do and most likely will not get caught. With the private investigator’s services you will know where your partner is, what he/she does and with whom. The agent will also collect evidences that you can use later in a court if you decide that infidelity is something you can’t accept.

Sometimes you just feel when something is wrong in your relationship – it is up to you if you decide to follow your intuition or simply let it go. There is a saying: what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Sometimes ignorance may be a bliss, better than living in an agony when you find out something you would rather avoid. But there is also another saying that goes the truth will set you free.

Which one do you chose?

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