Saferoom in the company is a place to conduct secure business meetings. It does not cost much while compared to the guaranteed benefits. A fully secured company meeting room will ensure: privacy of conversations, protection against information leakage and unmasking of economic spies. See how to protect your business.

Saferoom in the company – Why is it worth it?

A saferoom in a company is a safe place to hold meetings to prevent outside attacks – unfair competition, economic espionage or bribed employees.

The entire company building should be secured, however, in this article, we will take on securing the focal point of any company – the conference room.

If you run a business, you know how much information is confidential and how much of it is revealed during a meeting in the interview room. While documents can be strictly protected and stored in the boss home or a safe in the company, verbal arrangements must take place between management and third parties. It is this information that has real value.

The conference room addresses key topics:

  • discusses patents,
  • proposes collaborations and discusses the details,
  • signing contracts with external parties,
  • presents the company offer.
  • For the unfair competition, these are the most valuable messages, the acquisition of which can ensure their lead in the market.

    Measures to protect the conference room

    Business information should be like a fortress – protected as best as possible and impregnable. To secure the content of conversations, negotiations and disputes, you need to work on multiple levels.

    What enterprise security measures can you put in place?

    Hnad-held metal detector

    A handheld metal detector, such as the recommended Garrett Super Scanner V, is a basic level of information protection. It will detect phones and other devices with metal components that can be used to record conversations.

    This method is recommended especially during difficult conversations, such as with competitors. An important investor may feel offended by this type of physical search, so in this case it is better to protect yourself in more unobvious way.

    Vibro-acoustic jammers

    Effective blocking of sound recording devices from outside and inside the building is only possible with vibro-acoustic jammers.

    The Selcom SP-157 will protect any room from a full range of surveillance devices, such as:

  • microwave or laser systems that capture sound through window glass,
  • devices recording sound from the immediate vicinity (basic voice recorders),
  • seismic eavesdroppers, operating through walls, ceilings, floors.
  • Secure business contact – Encryption phones

    An ordinary smartphone does not guarantee the security of business calls. An unauthorized person can easily get into the contact book, SMS, applications, and even the microphone of the device.

    Only an encryption phone guarantees the highest level of security for business calls. Use one of the two models: Tripleton Enigma or TAG encryption phone.

    Controlling access to the saferoom

    A prepared saferoom must be protected from access by others at all times. Anyone who has keys to the saferoom can be a potential threat. Even an innocent cleaning lady or service technician can be bribed by a competitor to hide eavesdropping.

    One step ahead of spies – Secure conference room

    Taking care of the security of information flow on all levels allows you to always be one step ahead of intruders.

    A company so equipped with detective devices, access control and introduced procedures for admitting interested parties effectively minimize the risk of leaking key information, enhance the company reputation and assure contractors of the company serious intentions and professionalism.

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