The Drugtest 5000 tester is an exceptionally precise device for quick test performance for the presence of drugs of abuse. The unit is able to detect a majority of drugs, among others, amphetamine, cocaine or marijuana.

The unit consists of 2 elements: a DrugTest 5000 test-kit and a DrugTest 5000 analyzer. The test-kits are very intuitive in use and no training is needed to operate them. Examination is performed without any dripping, pipettes or excessive waiting. The fact that the unit can be operated without wearing gloves is an important advantage. The operator has no contact with a mouth liquid of a person tested thanks to the use of a specially designed test cassette.

Test is performed in five easy steps:

1. Uncover a plug from an element onto which sample is taken and pass it to a person tested.

2. Insert a collector of a test cassette into a mouth and swipe it inside from a cheek to a gum.

3. After a sufficient amount of liquid is collected, a build-in indicator will turn blue.

4. Insert a test cassette with a collector into the analyzer.

5. Read a result.

Because only precise data will appear on a color display, there can be no discussion about…

Advantages of DrugTest 5000

  • high congruence ratio of results and patterns
  • very high ratio of cannabinol detection
  • clear and readable results of tests
  • hygiene and sterility of the tests performed – operator has no physical contact with a mouth liquid of a person tested
  • the person tested passes a sample with a sterile, exchangeable tips
  • device can be operated while wearing gloves
  • a possibility to detect even few drugs at the same time
  • auto-test functionality – thanks to this the analyzer needn’t undergo a calibration process every half a year

Without doubt, the drug analyzer will be useful in some specific places of work, or in the police for the purposes of screening testing. Managers of car fleets, public transportation businesses or taxi corporations can also find a wide range of application for this device in their companies.

The analyzer offers a good way to secure employees and passengers who take use of services of the companies given. Customers are more inclined to use the services of the trusted companies when they know that their employees are regularly tested.

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