If you like watching TV series and are deeply interested in subjects we touch on our blog, you should (unless you have already done it) turn your attention to a series titled Mr. Robot. To encourage you even more, we present 5 reasons why this production is worth watching.

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Before we‘ll get to the advantages of the above-mentioned series, let‘s think whom actually a hacker is.

Mass media very often give this name to the persons who, according to them, keep sitting in front of their PCs and stealing away our data and money from virtual bank accounts. In fact, there‘s a grain of truth in this vision, but one should take notice that every human being branded in this way is an expert within his domain. In spite of appearances, hackers are not busy only with stealing someone else‘s properties, but they are very often employed by various companies as the experts, preferably in the IT security. Their comprehensive, vast knowledge helps to prevent an unauthorized access to company computer systems. Some of them can call themselves the hackers, but be honest with this ‘ a successful hacking into somebody‘s e_ mail account doesn‘t make anyone an IT expert.

Why is Mr. Robot series worth watching?

1. Narrative and theme

Mr. Robot tells a story of Elliot, a main character in the series, starred by Rami Malek. He‘s an IT expert working at a corporation. He also suffers from some mental disorders. These problems, evincing in a heavily disturbed contacts with other people have been overcome by Elliot thanks to the computers. Hacking enables him to get acquainted very well with other people without having to move outside his home. Other important, title character in the series is Mr. Robot. He‘s a leader of a group of hackers which tries to recruit Elliot and destroy American corporations. A character starred by Malek is torn apart between his company and the hackers‘ underground, what results in lots of dramatic scenes and cliffhangers.

2. Fictional universe

What we can watch on a TV screen while Mr Robot is on the air may look very familiar. We can see the popular market brands rushing in front of our eyes and the characters drinking coffee in Starbucks or checking their statuses on Facebook. Due to this we yet more empathize with this series, as what we can see we can also have near at hand in reality. Only the corporation Allsafe, for which Elliot works, makes an exception. We can compare it to Apple, Google or Microsoft. Of course, our character is an outsider who hates Facebook and generally sees any social media as the root of all evil. Nevertheless, he takes advantage of their existence in a slightly different way.

3. Atmosphere

Mr. Robot is not a comedy series to be watched in a company of a popcorn tube. Experts defined the series as a psychological drama & thriller, and such a classification suits here perfectly. With every new episode the truth about people is denuded. Quite often this truth belongs to the most sinister and painful sort, but after all it‘s still worth careful watching. The series is a fiction, though, there are a lot of references to the real world which isn‘t as colorful as it may seem to us. Thanks to Elliot we are able to understand it rather quickly.

4. Unpredictability

The universe in the series rushes very quickly. People are working at high speed and under heavy stress. A motif of paranoia recurs a lot of times. Elliot is afraid of being caught red-handed during hacking, his colleagues are obsessed with a thought they could be fired, Mr. Robot has a morbid lust for destruction of the world of corporations. Such escalation of fears and suspicions results in plot twists completely unexpected by the viewers

5. Hacking

The producers of the series took on the realism. The scenes, when Elliot hacks other people‘s devices, really don‘t look like the strange symbols of Matrix origin falling out from behind the upper edge of a screen. The main character uses the software tools which exist in reality ‘ Linux Kali distribution, Bluetooth scanner, Meterpreter, Social Engineer Toolkit and many others. Thus the series becomes far more intriguing as in case Elliot would use some fictional methods.

There are few TV series or cinema movies in the market that turn out to be emotionally close to the audience, however they tell fictional stories at the same time. Mr. Robot realism proves how the securing our privacy in the Web is of utmost importance.

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