Today, it is difficult to imagine life without a mobile phone. It has become work, communication and entertainment tool for us. Every day billions of calls, text messages, emails and pictures are transfered through mobile phones. Some of this data can be especially important for us. How to get it?

In such situations, the help is provided by SpyPhone software. It allows the user to monitor a phone in a discreet manner. Different software versions offer slightly different functionality. More advanced like Android Rec Pro 4.0 will allow you to record conversations, others will enable to eavesdrop conversations in real time or to record sounds from the phone surroundings. Additionally, SpyPhone software enables to obtain copy of all messages in a phone (not only text but also pictures by means of MMS and emails) which will be transferred to your phone or a dedicated e-mail address.

The possibility to trace and locate the phone is an interesting feature. GPS function enables to determine the position of the phone with an accuracy of 5 meters. It is the ideal solution for monitoring your child‘s phone – parents can control where the child is, and in the case of problems, protect the child against the danger.

The application is compatible with all major mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry. In our shop, it is possible to purchase it in a form of the software itself, which can be installed on any phone by yourself. If you have any doubt concerning the software, we can provide you with a trial version. In addition, we offer the opportunity to purchase a phone with the preinstalled software. In our offer we have a whole range of models with any operating systems, equipped with a factory warranty of the manufacturer, and a full set of accessories and documents. The functionality of the software depends on the selected phone and operating system.

It is worth remembering that under the applicable Polish law, telephone tapping is allowed only in certain situations.

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