Suspicions and jealousy are common in relationships. Are they justified? In the case of doubts concerning the marital betrayal, you can use the proven methods. Fidelity tests give complete confidence. But infidelity can also be recognised in other ways.

Below are several most common symptoms:

  • Working after hours, sudden business trips.
  • Telephones from unknown people. Avoiding answering the phone in the presence of a partner.
  • Lack of interest in sex, often excuses.
  • Sudden, excessive care about the appearance.
  • Frequent thoughtfulness, apparent absence.
  • Sudden lack of interest in the partner‘s life.
  • Lipstick traces, strange perfume smell, hair on clothes.

They are not the only but the most common symptoms of infidelity. Of course none of them gives you complete assurance as to the behaviour of the beloved person. The truth can be found in other ways. There are many detective agencies specialising in tracking unfaithful partners. Unfortunately, the observed person can be well-concealed and not to allow the third parties to themselves.

Therefore, it is best to opt for the professional equipment. Fidelity tests, such as SemenSPY Deluxe or SpyPhone software spying on mobile phone can provide clear infidelity evidence. Remember. There is no one recipe for preventing betrayal. But it can be easily detected. Fast action and adequate therapy can help save a weakened relationship.

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