Nowadays society struggles with various forms of crime. In order to prevent them, a variety of security options and job specializations have been invented. There are many professions such as policeman, body guards, private detectives and many others who all aim at providing us with security of the highest level. One of the most advanced technologies which helps in solving seemingly inextricable crime-related mysteries is UV light. This is where chemistry and criminology come into play. Historical background as well as the crime-related applications of the UV light are the point of the focus of this article.

Historical background of the UV technology

What do chemistry and forensic have in common? It turns out that quite a bit! Even Sherlock Holmes or Conan Doyle who are heroes of well-known stories, and at the same time probably the most famous fictional detectives, appreciated the importance of this field of knowledge. A common question that each detective faces, is whether the crime has been actually committed. It might be determined by detecting blood traces.

In the 1960‘s UV technology was used just in industrial settings. For instance in Graphic industry it was applied as a high gloss coating on cards. In the 1990‘s it gained a numerous applications, especially in the industrial terms. Starting from 2000 UV technology has been commonly used in criminology. For instance UV light may help in the process of blood identification. The method for blood detection which involves the use of fluorescein is used during the examination of the crime scene.

The first step is to prepare a solution of leukofluorescein , stirring fluorescein with sodium hydroxide and zinc powder. You also need a 3% aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution. The next step is to spray the samples of the solution. An exposure of the covered area to ultraviolet is the next step. If the material actually contains blood, It glows at the yellow-green fluorescence. The presence of heme in hemoglobin catalyzes the oxidation leukofluorescein to fluorescein, which shows the traces of blood after being illuminated.

Applications of UV technologies

UV technology is not only used for blood detection. In terms of criminology UV light may be used in a variety of ways. For instance in case of Detection of Altered Documents, Counterfeit Currency Detection, Signature Verification, Forensic Applications, Coding/Marking, Arson Investigation or Lab Testing. The great advantage of UV technology is that it may be visible on many surfaces. It may be both used for criminal investigation as well as personal security in order to protect your belongings.

Are the UV tools exclusively dedicated to spies and security services? Not necessarily! A great tool for personal investigations is Forensic examination set with UV powder available in our store. It is a set designed for marking objects with an invisible ultraviolet powder. The powder itself is the daylight almost invisible after being applied on a particular object. The powder of course has extremely fluorescent properties. The powder enables identifying any persons who had any physical contact with our items ‘ the powder rubs off on skin, hair and clothes. The great advantage of the powder is the fact that it may be applied on a variety of different surfaces. Paper, metal, plastic or wood are not a problem anymore. It is important to note that the best results are acquired indoor as the powder does not flee with the wind. After the powder is applied it must be illuminated with UV light in order to be detected. It glows in green colour. The set also includes a convenient brush for applying the powder on the particular surface. It is made of synthetic material with length of 6cm. UV flashlight is also included in the set in order to determine if the object or a person has been covered with the powder.

The next product which uses UV technology available in our offer is Colourless UV spray paint for tagging of precious objects. It is invisible in the daylight. Colourless spray may be used on a variety of surfaces and object. It is very discreet and simple in operation. The capacity of the spray is 400 ml what makes it extremely efficient. After applying the spray on the particular surface it should be illuminated with UV light in order to be detected. This product is available on our website.

People have been encoding their messages since the dawn of history. Are you tired of the fact that anything you write might be seen by the third party? Another great product which takes benefits from the UV technology is an UV Pen. It is a pen for marking objects and making secret notes. The pen‘s ink is completely invisible in the daylight and equipped with UV light. This pen is considered to be is a perfect tool for protection of documents, discreet conveying of confidential information, or identification of marked objects. It might also be a great support during a school exam or any other examination during which the invisible notes are required. With the use of UV light you can discreetly see your hidden messages on the piece of paper. This product is available on our website.

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