What happens on drive, stays on a drive ‘ How to recover data from a damaged phone, pen drive or hard drive

How to survive a drop from 10,000 metres? This question could be answered by the Serbian stewardess Vesna Vulovi? who in 1972 was on a plane when a bomb exploded on board. The machine was torn into pieces over Czechoslovakia and fell to the ground.

Vulovi? was the only survivor and she received the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute from over 10,000 metres. During the fall, she was blocked by a heavy catering trolley which kept her in the plane and basically saved her life.

Her history could be a perfect screenplay for the ‘Final Destination‘ film series. Similarly to the stories of some smartphones thrown by a cute child into a mug full of tea or adventures of all those laptops covered with beer during parties. Well, the more we drink, the less we remember‘ and then our laptop is like the protagonist of ‘The Hangover‘ – trying to find pieces of information in memory after getting hammered on a wild party. Is there any way to help? How to recover data from a damaged phone, hard drive or pen drive?

Recovering data from a damaged phone, laptop and hard drive – When you shouldn't try this at home

It all depends on the state of the patient but contacting us is always the best way to regain its memory. In order to recover data from a damaged phone, hard drive or pen drive, it‘s better not to resuscitate the poor thing at home without having proper knowledge. There‘s a big chance that its state will get worse and lost data will never get recovered. In our laboratory data recovering is performed by experts. How long does the convalescence last? It depends on how serious its condition is. So how does recovering data from a damaged hard drive, pen drive, phone or other devices look like?

It has happened! The damage is done but it‘s no use crying over spilt milk. Simply contact us and fill in a short service order form which helps us find solution to your problem. You need to provide information on brand and model, capacity and description of the problem. From the moment we receive your device, it‘s fully diagnosed and undergoes the process of data recovery. It may last from 24 hours to 7 days in some extreme cases. It depends on the method of data recovery that needs to be used to recover data from the damaged device. Sometimes specialised software will do, in other cases analysis in our lab is necessary.

Your precious device is being taken care of by professionals with broad experience, so you can relax and think about something pleasant instead. Once we recover your files, like photos from your laptop, music from a hard drive or phone messages, we will let you know straight away. We send them to your e-mail address or burn on a CD or DVD. Most importantly ‘ we guarantee full discretion, we do not disclose any data and only process it for the restoration process. So everything is secure and cannot fall into the wrong hands.

It doesn‘t matter what your device has gone through – is it a broken SD card, laptop wet from a spilt drink, or electrocuted phone – nothing gets lost! Recovering data is possible thanks to specialised knowledge and expertise of our laboratory.

Recovering data from a damaged phone – You can try this at home

Various things can happen at home. It seems that this place lives only when you are there, that without you it stays still and is predictable. That is not the case. The mess makes itself. The toothpaste is getting smaller and smaller and finally vanishes. Things that you‘re looking for are hiding in cupboards so that you cannot find them. Door starts creaking as if complaining and, demonstrating its disapproval, trips you up.

That‘s how accidents happen, not only to us but also to our phones as nowadays we are inseparable. For them it is like survival – they are getting crushed in our pockets, get wet in the rain, fall from desks. They want to relax at home. So they lay on a table and obediently wait for us in case we need them. They see us approaching them with a beer‘and that‘s the last thing they remember.

Do not panic – sometimes damage can be reversed at home. Everything can be recovered with appropriate gear like SIM Recovery Pro 2 – our software tool for recovering data from a damaged SIM card.

It‘s able to recover all information that you miss most – deleted text messages, contacts, calendar data and even PIN code changes. How recovering data from a damaged phone looks like? Insert SIM Recovery Pro 2 to a computer using the USB input and then connect the damaged device using a cable. Everything is intuitive from now on and, after a few moments, your data is recovered from the device and you can display it on your phone screen or on a computer.

As per Murphy‘s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Fortunately, you do not have to live in fear and be extra vigilant in all situations – many things can be undone using appropriate methods.

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