If you could have only one of five senses, which one would you choose to perceive the world? The answer is quite obvious as, according to statistics, sight is the most precious for us. Eyes give us the most information concerning the surrounding world. Now a different question, would you like to have a sharp sight like an eagle or do you rather believe that out of sight, out of mind? No matter what the answer is, now it’s possible.

Kowa company, the Japanese leader of optical systems, has created a camera that sees in the dark. But it is not an ordinary black-and-white night vision nor green thermovision device. Such equipment is broadly available on the market, this is something totally new! Imagine going to the middle of nowhere. Night, smothering darkness surrounds you and the only light is the moonlight. You turn the Kowa camera on and suddenly everything becomes bright, just as if it was daylight and in HD quality. The image is sharp, colourful and clear. I don’t want to go into boring details concerning its parameters. Let me just say that we did some tests and were amazed by its features. And this was only the beginning…


LEM!Take a look through a window in a few kilometres range – most probably you will see the line of the horizon or the tallest building nearby. From such distance, even a block of flats looks like a grain of sand. But not for our camera which is equipped with a special 50x motorised zoom lens! What does it mean in practice? Let’s say you’re somewhere high (e.g. a room on a high floor) from which you have a good view of the surroundings. And “a good view” is an understatement here, as with the Kowa camera you can see from a distance of a few kilometres (!) through a window what books someone has in their bookcase or recognise a face of a person driving a car down a dark street… No problems with reading its number plate of course! Seems impossible? Check out Kowa promotional video presented below to see what this device is capable of. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t edited but I assure you that everything that you’ll see fully corresponds to reality.


UCEDKowa equipment is used mainly by special forces observing strategic places, border guards monitoring country borders or the army – including the Turkish one, which is the second most powerful NATO army. We obviously needed to have this amazing equipment in our offer. Interested? Check it out!