Hidden Camera ‘ WHEN and HOW to use it?

A hidden camera is usually associated with investigative journalism or spy work. However, invisible lenses built into ordinary objects are much more often useful in everyday life than during action like in a thriller movie. Discreet observation can significantly increase the level of security in a company or at home. We advise you in which situations a hidden camera is particularly useful and which models you should pay attention to.

Hidden camera and the law

The use of a hidden camera is fully legal in several cases. Criminal liability does not threaten us in a situation when we ourselves are participants in the recorded conversation. A secretly made recording with our participation may be evidence in court – provided that it is reliable and not manipulated. This means that we should not deliberately provoke our interlocutor or take advantage of his or her agitation or difficult situation to obtain material to prove our case.

The situation is different when we use a hidden camera for other people, and we do not take part in the material ourselves. If we want to distribute such a film, we must obtain the consent of the recorded persons. Otherwise, we may be punished: whoever establishes or uses an eavesdropping or visual device or other device or software in order to obtain information to which he or she is not entitled, shall be subject to a penalty of restriction or deprivation of liberty of up to 2 years.

When we record images solely for our own use, this provision does not apply. In such a situation, we may only be subject to a civil lawsuit filed by the injured party, who must prove that the material recorded secretly violated their personal rights. In practice, each case of this type is assessed individually by the court. So if we install a hidden camera to ensure security and we do not intend to share the material with others, we have nothing to fear.

Security in the company

A hidden camera may be useful in the workplace – both for the employer and the employee. In the first case, a camouflaged lens will be useful mainly for monitoring employees. Thanks to it we will detect disloyalty, fraud and other irregularities. Remember, however, that we should strike a balance between our own interests and the privacy rights of our employees, so it is best to place the camera in a publicly accessible area instead of a cloakroom, canteen or bathroom.

A perfect choice for the office will be a device hidden in a standard everyday object. This is what the PV-CHG20iOS microcamera mounted in a docking station for iOS phones does. This model records sound, as well as capturing recordings in Full HD quality and marking them with date and time for maximum reliability. It archives footage on memory cards with a capacity of up to 128GB, and overwrites if there is insufficient space, allowing for continuous operation. A useful feature of the recorder is the possibility of remote operation via the built-in Wi-Fi model.

A hidden camera can also be used by a person who experiences inappropriate treatment from a supervisor or colleagues. To gain reliable evidence of bullying, it is worth having a discreet micro-camera with you, which will not arouse anyone s suspicions. In such a situation, a good choice will be the CAM-2K hidden camera in a watch, with a built-in lens just 2 mm wide. Its small dimensions guarantee that it will certainly not be noticed by outsiders. High quality images can be recorded in continuous mode lasting up to 70 minutes or on the basis of motion detection, which will allow to capture the most important moments. The watch also has a microphone to pick up sounds at a range of up to 10 metres and a camera to take photos.

Keep an eye on your guests

Discreet recording isn t just for work – it can also help you keep your loved ones safe. One of the most popular reasons for installing a hidden camera at home is the need to observe a child left in the care of a nanny. A good nanny should be a trustworthy person and have the right attitude towards children, but sometimes even favourable references can be out of touch with reality. Thanks to an undercover recorder we can easily check if our child does not experience violence or other undesirable behaviour from the nanny.

Full discretion will be provided by a WiFi camera PV-BT10i hidden in a wireless speaker. The device can operate for up to 180 minutes. Thanks to the motion detection mode it starts up at key moments, which saves memory and power. An important feature of the DVR is the option to remotely view recordings using an Android or iOS phone. This function allows you to keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

Check your partner s fidelity

Another popular reason for buying a hidden camera is the need to test your partner s fidelity. However, it is worth remembering that footage documenting infidelity can only be used to confirm our suspicions and cannot be shared with others. In order to obtain evidence suitable for presentation in court during the divorce hearing, it is worth turning to a private investigator.

How do I document my partner s disloyalty? As in the case of a babysitter, we can use a micro-recorder hidden in household objects. Another option is to install a device in the car. Thanks to a camera with a built-in microphone, we will be able to watch conversations conducted in the car and find out about possible secret meetings with other people.

Prevent damage

A hidden camera can be one of the tools to protect our property from burglaries and theft. If our priority is interior monitoring, it is worth betting on the previously described micro-recorders built into objects. These devices will pass the test especially when we suspect friends visiting us or people employed to help at home of theft. As microcameras are usually not waterproof and require a constant source of power, it is better not to use them outdoors.

For property monitoring, photo-traps, or so-called trail cameras, are better suited These recorders are equipped with powerful batteries, so there is no need to plug them in. Moreover, thanks to their protective casing, they can work flawlessly even in difficult weather conditions, and their camouflage colours make them invisible to the third parties. Excellent quality and many additional features are guaranteed by the Ereagle E1B trail camera. Three motion sensors provide a wide viewing angle, while a night illuminator enables 24/7 operation. The device is energy efficient and can operate continuously for up to 10 months.

A photo trap is also the best choice for observing a plot of land. If you experience damage or theft of crops, a hidden forest camera will help you decide who is the culprit – man or animal? The recorded material will be the basis for taking effective steps in the case.

Discreetly and effectively

As these examples prove, a hidden camera is an extremely versatile tool. Thanks to the large variety of available models we can easily find a device tailored to our preferences. It is worth knowing that, if necessary, it is also possible to build a micro-recorder into any chosen object. This service provides the greatest discretion, as it does not change anything in the environment of the observed people, and thus does not arouse any suspicion.

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