Hot Pink Mace Mini is a very handy and efficient pepper spray. Pink but discreet container is filled with a load able to discourage even the most lethal bruiser.

Can pepper spray be feminine? It appears so. A unique product from Mace is a good example. Hot Pink Mace Mini is a miniature pepper spray which looks like a key ring. Its neat pink container was specially designed with a woman‘s bag in mind.

This inconspicuous-looking container is easy-to-use and hides a substantial defensive potential. Surely, everyone standing in a 1.5 m radius will be swiftly incapacitated by a stream of alkaloid capsaicin – highly potent irritant extracted from cayenne pepper. It causes eye watering, upper respiratory tract irritation and severe skin itching, which makes Hot Pink Mace Mini a perfect defence for:

  • single women;
  • teenage girls;
  • women working late at night;
  • woman worrying about their personal safety;
  • everyone who needs an efficient defensive weapon.

Pepper spray can buy precious time for you to escape or call for help. Not only Hot Pink Mace Mini causes no permanent health damage, but also provides an efficient defence in case of emergency. The spray should be sprayed in accordance with the wind direction to avoid accidental user exposure to the substance. Moreover, it shouldn‘t be used in enclosed areas. It contains enough substance for 6 effective shots to be fired.

Are you afraid of coming back late at night? Do you live in a shady neighbourhood? Or maybe you are just worrying about your personal safety? Hot Pink Mace Mini is the best way to protect yourself!


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