How to detect hidden cameras in a hotel? 4 ways you need to know!

A fire detector, a clock, an alarm clock, or even a water bottle – any of these items can hide a spy camera or wiretap. Such activity is not legal. Unfortunately, it happens often, especially in premises rented from private individuals, such as through Airbnb. Learn proven ways to detect hidden cameras in your hotel room so you can sleep soundly.

Monitoring in a hotel - when are cameras legal?

Outdoor and indoor monitoring systems are commonly used in hotels. In order to ensure the safety of guests and minimize the risk of theft, cameras appear in such places as the lobby, reception area and parking lot.

However, no one can be recorded without their knowledge. Information about monitoring and data processing always appears in the hotel’s terms and conditions, the terms of which the guest accepts when deciding to stay overnight.

Moreover, the use of cameras must be justified, so while the recorded image from the corridor can be used as evidence in matters of dispute, it is absolutely forbidden to record guests in bathrooms and hotel rooms. Some owners use security against damage as an argument, but it is still illegal.

Cameras in a hotel room - where are they hidden?

Peeping is facilitated by advanced technology and millimeter lenses. Mini spy cameras can be hidden in any everyday object, even as small as a lighter or pen. They do not betray their presence in any way, so spotting them is almost impossible.

Detective Store specialist’s advice to first pay attention to places that may seem interesting from a voyeur’s perspective. Most often the cameras are aimed at the bed, shower or dressing room.

Hidden cameras in a hotel room – what do they look like?

Where to look for spy cameras in a hotel:

  • in the bathroom: in the air freshener, in the light bulb, in the ventilation grille, in a decoration, such as an ornamental plant,
  • in a bedroom/living room: in a smoke detector, in an alarm clock, in an electrical outlet, in a painting, in a TV remote control, in a wall clock, in a speaker, in a coffee pot,
  • in the office: in the router, in the desk lamp, in the pen, in the charger, in the office shredder, in the notebook, in the pot.

Want to improve the comfort of your hotel stay and ensure your safety? Unplug all unfamiliar devices or cover them up, such as with a towel. Then search your rented room for hidden cameras and eavesdroppers.

How many cameras can be hidden in a hotel room?

Using a flashlight

A relatively simple patent, also recommended by former hacker – Hutchins, is to illuminate all suspicious places with a flashlight. The room must be dark – only then will you spot suspicious flashes of light, which can indicate the presence of a hidden camera. To be even more effective, operate the angle of the light.

Using the app

If you have a phone with a magnetic sensor, use an app, such as Detectify, Hidden Camera Detector or Spy Detector. Their algorithm recognizes the value of the magnetic field. When it is too high probably, there is a spy device nearby.

Using network scanning

Often spy cameras use WiFi to transmit recordings to the owner’s device. Through an application on your phone (such as nmap) or a program on your computer, you can easily check what is connected to the available wireless network.

Effective camera detection with a professional camera detector

None of the above will guarantee your privacy. If you really care about security, use a professional surveillance device detector.

The cheapest models available on the market cost less than 30 GBP, such as the RF Bug Detector. The detector works over a wide frequency range. It guides the target with LED lights or increasingly intense vibrations. All you have to do is turn it on and observe its operation. Its downside is that it does not detect passive devices. In comparison, the AUMAS S-1 laser detector reveals various types of cameras, including inactive ones. It takes only a few minutes to check a room.

A more professional solution is the WCH-125 wireless camera detector. It captures the image from a spy device and displays it on the screen, so you can easily locate it.

Safecome Lens 800 works in 6 different modes and reveals the presence of any type of camera within a range of 50 meters. The design resembles binoculars, and the 6.5x magnification allows you to see every detail.

The most advanced and effective detector is the HS-5000A. In just 2 minutes it searches an area within a range of 150 meters. It captures images along with sound, which can be recorded in real time.

Hidden camera in a hotel room - FAQ

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

Can there be cameras in a hotel room?

No, monitoring in a hotel room is illegal and no argument justifies the owner’s decision to put cameras in place.

How to detect cameras in a hotel room?

The most effective way to detect camcorders in a hotel room is to use professional camera detectors, which are used by the secret service.

Where can cameras be hidden in a hotel room?

Cameras are hidden in a hotel room in places that provide a good view, such as on the wall opposite the bed, dressing room or shower. They should be looked for in everyday items.

Where to report illegal cameras in a hotel room?

Illegal cameras in a hotel room should be reported to law enforcement agencies (police). The person responsible for them may face both civil and criminal liability.

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