Secure company – how to protect against surveillance?

Running your own business is a challenge on many levels. It is necessary to take care of employees, ensure well-functioning logistics and the appropriate quality of services. Such an enterprise also involves a lot of risk – competitors do not sleep and often do not disguise their efforts to steal important trade secrets. Fortunately, there are proven ways to help protect against unfair competitive practices. These include modern counter-surveillance devices such as acoustic noise generators and eavesdropping detectors. Let’s take a look at the best hardware solutions to protect your company from employee fraud and espionage attempts.

Unfair competition and abuse in companies

Nowadays, information is a commodity at a premium. Abuse in companies among employees as well as unfair competition is a fairly common phenomenon. Knowledge of competitors’ planned moves such as planned partnerships, price levels and the type of assortment introduced can guarantee a significant advantage in competition.

It is for this reason that some entrepreneurs opt for not-so-glorious practices such as planting their “agents” who get into the company’s ranks and spy on it from within. Such figureheads may install spy devices in a superior’s office or conference room, or simply turn a deaf ear hoping to hear some valuable information. It is also an equally common practice to bribe or intimidate people already working for a company to make them spies.

Maybe the above sentences sound like a thriller movie scenario, but the quoted situations really do happen. Especially in large companies, the temptation to gain an advantage over a competitor in a not entirely legal way sometimes proves to be too strong – for the stakes are high, so fraud in companies is common.

As statistics show, economic crime is still a serious problem around the world. According to the study, on average, one in three companies faces dishonest practices on the part of their employees. A report compiled by the International Association of Certified Economic Crime Experts, on the other hand, shows that the statistical company loses about 5% of its total revenue as a result of economic crimes and unfair competition activities.

Of course, entrepreneurs are not completely defenseless in this aspect. However, often the losses suffered are disproportionately greater than the possible compensation won in court. Therefore, adhering to the maxim “prevention is better than cure”, it is worthwhile to protect in advance against surveillance, against all manifestations of dishonest activity whether by employees or a dishonest competitor. This is easier than you might think – just get one of the anti-spyware devices we offer.

Effective wiretap and camera detector

Discreet eavesdropping devices are often the source of the biggest problems in a company. Mainly because it is very easy to hide a wiretap, voice recorder or camera due to the small size of such devices. And if we are talking about a large office space covering numerous rooms, searching them can be a real ordeal.

Fortunately, there are special tools to facilitate this task, namely effective wiretap and camera detectors. This is a small, handy piece of equipment that, as the name suggests, locates hidden spy tools in the form of wiretaps (radio and GSM), cell phones or GPS locators. Using an antenna, the detector tracks the source of digital and radio signals transmitted by eavesdropping devices. This is somewhat akin to a game of heat and cold.

The stronger the signal (as depicted by LEDs, vibration, display or beep – depending on the model), the closer the source is located. Eavesdropping detectors can be helpful not only to protect the business location itself, but also to secure hotels where corporate conferences or important business meetings are held.

A recommendable model is the SH-065 – an effective wiretap detector, which combines simplicity of operation with high efficiency. The device will detect spy equipment operating at frequencies from 50 MHZ to 6 GHz. Such a large range guarantees high efficiency during the search. Importantly, the SH-065 will locate not only wiretaps, but also CCTV and wireless cameras. A great advantage of this model is also easy, intuitive operation, which does not require specialized knowledge and skills.

On slightly different principles of operation functions camera detector – WEGA-i, which with the help of IR LEDs generates infrared radiation. It is thanks to this technology, looking through the viewfinder of the device, you will locate the lenses of hidden cameras. Their presence is represented by a small red spot indicating the place where the infrared light reflected from the lens.

This camera detector will easily locate cameras hidden in, among others, a photocopier, a wall, a smoke detector or even in the tie of a spying employee. WEGA-i is an easy-to-use yet extremely professional camera detector, with which you can easily protect yourself from surveillance attempts with hidden video recorders.

Detectors of all electronics

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a really advanced solution, then it remains to use a nonlinear junction detector. Its operation is based on sending electromagnetic excitation in nonlinear connectors to emit return waves at harmonic frequencies.

It sounds quite complicated, but in practice it boils down to the fact that nonlinear connector detectors can find any type of electronic equipment, regardless of whether it is on, off or dormant. With the proven CAYMAN ST-402 nonlinear connector detector, it doesn’t matter what’s hidden in your office or study – a micro camera, digital voice recorder, cell phone or perhaps an analog or radio eavesdropper. This detector will find them all without a problem.

Thanks to the multi-frequency excitation signal in the 2-3 GHz band, the detector is able to find even very small devices such as SIM cards. Advanced signal processing and analysis algorithms minimize the number of false alarms and affect the speed of the detector. The ergonomic design is also noteworthy. The electronic device detector is lightweight and handy, and the telescopic boom with support allows searching hard-to-reach places such as the undercarriage of a car.

Effective noise generator

Another way to protect yourself from eavesdropping is to install a noise generator, which will easily nullify the effects of hidden eavesdroppers and voice recorders. A noise generator produces white noise that interferes with the microphones in spy devices. A person eavesdropping or playing back a captured recording will only hear a series of unintelligible noises and crackles through it.

For protection against internal surveillance, the VR Defender AT noise generator will be excellent. The device will protect conversations taking place within a radius of 1.5 meters from its installation site. The rechargeable battery provides up to 2 hours of activity, or 5 when connected to a permanent mains power supply. After 5 hours, the device will automatically shut down to cool the components.

The VR Defender AT noise generator is very user-friendly, which comes down to just one button. It will keep any confidential conversation held inside a study or conference room safe from surveillance devices installed by overzealous competitors.

However, spying with technology is not limited to indoor devices. Indeed, there are hardware solutions that allow spies to eavesdrop without directly interfering with the place in question.

One of the best solutions for protection against eavesdropping from the outside is the ANG-2200 humming device. The equipment will drown out the operation of spy devices installed outside the place of conversation, such as bugs hidden in walls or directional microphones.

Generating so-called true random noise will prevent spies from decoding recorded or overheard conversations. This is an additional security measure, invaluable in the case of particularly important, confidential meetings. The potential of the effective noise generator can be expanded with optional OMS-2000 speakers, which will protect, among other things, adjacent utility rooms or the attic from external eavesdroppers.

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