Office security system Selcom ST-402 Cayman for detection of wiretaps, hidden cameras, mobile phones and others
Office security system Selcom ST-402 Cayman for detection of wiretaps, hidden cameras, mobile phones and others

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Office security system Selcom ST-402 Cayman for detection of wiretaps, hidden cameras, mobile phones and others

  • Frequency range 2-3 GHz
  • Actuating signal power 2 W
  • Two operation modes: search and adaptation
  • Graphical detection display
  • Operation time of the office security system up to 4 h



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Selcom ST-402 Cayman - office security system for detection of wiretaps, hidden cameras, mobile phones and others

The office security system ST-402 ‘Cayman’ is a renewed version of a recognised professional series of devices for detecting hidden electronic components. This device is indispensable during regular room checking as well as before important meetings. It allows to detect and locate all types of electronic devices, including recorders and radio transmitters.

  • Results display

    Results display



  • Operation time

    Operation time of the office security system

    up to 3 h

  • Detection range



  • Frequency range

    Frequency range

    2-3 GHz

The operating principle of the rf detector is based on the following property of semiconductor systems: when actuated by electromagnetic signal, they re-emit 2nd and 3rd harmonics of the signal. Maximum response from semiconductor elements of artificial origin (transistors, diodes, integrated circuits) is at 2nd harmonic of the actuating signal. Oxidation of natural origin generate stronger response at 3rd harmonic of the actuating signal. The detector enables it to analyse the responses of both 2nd and 3rd harmonics of the actuating signal, which makes it possible to precisely identify electronic devices and natural oxide semiconductors. Additionally, ‘Cayman’ shows the strength of signal reflection from the metal objects, which further enhances its detection capabilities.

The office security system Selcom Cayman is able to detect:

  • analogue and digital radio wiretaps
  • wireless microphones
  • wireless and recording micro video cameras
  • microwave transmitters
  • remotely-controlled wiretaps, transmitters and receivers
  • analogue and digital voice recorders
  • explosive charge detonators
  • mobile phones
  • SIM cards
  • GPS locators
  • several other types of devices containing electronics

Multifrequency actuating signal in the 2-3 GHz band, compared to traditional solutions, offers the ability to detect very small components e.g. of a SIM card as well as its precise location. Fast and efficient signal processing algorithms ensure high performance and reliability in case of interference. They also reduce the rate of false alarms. New design of the elliptic antenna allows to achieve high sensitivity with relatively low intensity of the actuating signal. Audio mode provides additional identification possibilities - the sound can be emitted by the actuated loud speaker or connected headphones.

The office security system has been designed with convenience and ergonomics in mind, to make the new model lighter and handier. The telescopic bar with a comfortable grip and retractable armrest facilitate long-time work and help checking places that are hard to reach e.g. suspended ceilings. The detector of wiretaps and video cameras is powered by two standard Li-ion rechargeable batteries type 18650. The kit comes in a case that protects the equipment from mechanical damage and weather conditions.

Key features of the Selcom ST-402 Cayman - office security system for detection of wiretaps and hidden cameras

  • detection and location of electronic devices (regardless of the applied technology) - wiretaps, video cameras, mobile phones, chip cards and many other, also those hidden in building construction and installations,
  • multifrequency actuation mode in 2-3 GHz bandallows to detect very small electronic components with great precision,/li>
  • enhanced selectivity and ability to distinguish electronic components from natural background of metal-oxide-metal connectors e.g. rust),
  • enhanced probability of detecting partially shielded devices e.g. wall reinforcement,
  • optimized detection sensitivity at a low output signal power,
  • highly effective work against interference (corrosion, reinforced structures, etc.),
  • minimized rate of false alarms and increased speed of operation owing to advanced signal processing and analysing algorithms,
  • additional ability to identify an object by sound signal analysis via headphones or built-in speaker,
  • modernized design of the elliptic antenna which has improved the device effectiveness,
  • simplified control and measurement display system – simple to use, does not require an operator to have advanced technical knowledge,
  • the display integrated with the antenna within the operator’s sight while searching an object,
  • ergonomic design, light weight and telescopic bar and armrest provide maximum comfort for the user,
  • using standard rechargeable batteries type 18650
  • the software of the device can be updated via the USB connection,
  • the complete kit is supplied in a dedicated transport case resistant to mechanical damages and weather conditions.


Selcom Security

Selcom Security is an exporter of Russian products designed for detecting spy appliances and conducting audio and video supervision . The company offers a wide scope of professional products such as bugs, frequency scanners, camera detectors, noise generators or voice...


­Specification of the office security system - Selcom ST-402 ‘Cayman’
1 5 steps by 8dB 2 red - electronics, blue - metal-oxide-metal connector e.g. rust, white - signal reflection e.g. from metal surface 3depends on the settings
Frequency of arousing signal2-3 GHz
Maximum power of arousing signal2 W
Operation modes of the office security system
  • search
  • adaptation
Range of manual adjusting of arousing signal power40 dB 1
Presentation of results
  • graphical - 16 level indicators 2
  • automatic carrier frequency selection for minimum noise level
  • sound - built-in speaker or headphones
Operation time of the office security systemup to 4 h 3
Charging time3 h
Power supply of the office security system2 × 18650 battery 3.7 V
Operation temperature+5 to +40°C
  • folded - 510 × 145 × 130 mm
  • spread - 1500 × 250 × 130 mm
Weight of the office security system
  • with batteries: 1,75 kg
  • set: 5,8 kg


  • Office security system Selcom ST-402 Cayman for detection of spy devices
  • 4 batteries 18650 Li-Ion 3,7 V
  • Charger
  • Connection cable
  • Headphones
  • 2 test objects
  • Shock resistant transport case
  • User manual


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