AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer
AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer
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AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer

  • Quick screening alcometer accurate screenings
  • Perfect for employers, security services, the police, etc.
  • Sensor: FastScan electrochemical
  • Calibration of the alcometer after every 1000 measurements
  • Testing units:  ‰

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Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer

The AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 breathalyser was designed to perform large numbers of non-contact alcohol screenings. It will prove itself in situations calling for determination of alcohol presence and estimated concentration in a breath sample, when time is of utmost importance, instead of exact results.

The AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 screenining alcometer requires no mouthpieces to operate, which reduces operation costs and increases the ease of use – features especially useful for employers, security services, or the police. The AT7000 non-contact alcohol testers are mainly used by:

  • Public order services


    The police (e.g. in Italy, Australia, India, and a number of other countries), the military, and other services – for quick breath alcohol screenings, e.g. during routine vehicle inspections.

  • Enterprises, factories and other workplaces


    For monitoring the employees' sobriety, which is crucial for workplace safety, especially considering the fact that it is the employer that is usually liable for possible damages caused by inebriated personnel.

  • Mass event security


    For quick screening of the people entering the event grounds (e.g. concerts, fairs, games, etc.); passive mode allows to check carried in beverages for alcohol presence.

Main advantages of AlcoForce Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer

  • Fastscan


    The Raptor AT7000 utilises a FastScan electrochemical fuel cell sensor, renowned for its stability and swiftness of operation, as well as high accuracy.

  • Non-contact testing


    This alcometer is a non-contact alcometer – a tested person has no physical contact with the breathalyser, which translates into lower operation costs, compared to other alcohol testers requiring replacing the mouthpiece after every test.

  • Public order services


    The Raptor AT7000 is a perfect choice for employers, due to its high durability and efficience – calibration is recommended to be done either after conducting 1000 tests, or once every 12 months.

  • LED result indicator


    After the test, the result is signalised by lit LCD screen and a LED light in appropriate colour – green light indicates lack of alcohol in breath sample; at alcohol content within 0 – 0.2‰ range the exact result is displayed on the screen, while red light indicates alcohol concentration exceeding 0.2‰.

  • Test accuracy control


    An MCU microprocessor maintains the test accuracy. It monitors the amount of sampled air, ambient temperature, and the sensor status, providing the user with certainty of result accuracy.

  • Two modes of operation


    The quick alcometer can work in one of two available modes – active, requiring tested person to blow air at the sensor, or passive, in which the screener collects samples automatically. Passive mode is useful in cases of screened individuals being unable to take the test. It can also be utilised to screen liquids for alcohol content – the screening alcomeer collects vapours, e.g. from a bottle of beverage, in order to determine possible presence of alcohol.

  • Efficient power supply


    This non-contact alcohol tester is powered by 4 AA batteries. Due to efficient power management, it is possible to conduct as many as 4000 tests on one battery set. The Raptor AT7000 will switch off automatically when left idle for 3 minutes.

An on-screen menu and 3 buttons ensure easy and intuitive operation of the AlcoForce Raptor AT7000. Standing out due to its durable construction, efficiency, long battery life, and excellent parameters, this professional screening alcometer will prove useful for public order services. as well as for employees and security services, allowing to screen large numbers of people for alcohol presence in a simple and affordable fashion.

Service and warranty of Raptor AT7000 alcohol tester

The warranty covers a period of 2 years on electronics parts and one year on the sensor. To take advantage of the warranty you have to strictly adhere to the manufacturer recommendations for calibration, that need to be done maximum every 1000 measurements and no less frequently than once a year.

We offer you the opportunity to use service and warranty repairs conducted by trained service technicians. Our laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment of global brand GUTH Lab.

Quality guarantee


Detective Store company is an authorized distributor and importer to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we ensure that you receive genuine products directly from the manufacturer, who guarantees the authenticity and high quality of their merchandise.



AlcoForce is a manufacturer of technologically advanced breathalyzers. Breathalyzers are produced mainly for the police in many countries. Breathalyzers produced by manufacturer are used in everyday life as well as in a professional environment. The vast majority of breathalyzers have...


Specification of Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer
1 depending on the battery 1 with batteries
Measuring range of the alcometer0.00 ‰ - 5.00 ‰
Measurement accuracy± 0.01 ‰ at 1.00 ‰ BAC
  • electrochemical
  • FastScan
Preparation time to measureup to 5 s
Testing units: ‰
Blowing time of the quick breathalyzerup to 4 s
Time to prepare for the next measurementup to 5 s
Power supply of the screening alcometer4 × AA battery or LR6 battery
Battery lifeup to 4100 measurements 1
Calibration required
  • maximum every 1000 measurements
  • once a year
Display of the quick breathalyzer
  • LED light
  • light signal
Operating temperature of the quick alcometer-5°C ~ 50°C
Dimensions283 × 72 × 70 mm
Weight348 g 2


  • Raptor AT7000 quick screening alcometer
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Hand strap
  • User manual
  • Warranty 24 months for the quick screening breatlalyzer

Reviews (6)

By Gethin P.

Comment : fancy design, accurate results, long warranty period -> five stars for that :)
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By Amber B.

Comment : only drawback are four batteries needed to make it workl
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By Amelia B.

Comment : What made me choose this device was the fact that it requires no contact, there iss no muthpiece so you do not need to buy them again and again.
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By Mark T.

Comment : big plus for two modes of operation: passive and active, very versatile ..
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By E. J.

Comment : I like the fact that its super easy to operate - LED light turns green or red depending on how much alcohol is in your breath.
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By Mickey D.

Comment : Looks great and it's very modern tech . I think its important that there are additional languages (german and some other)... and you don't need mouthpieces. Very satisfied !
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