What do a pack of wolves, people littering and bears strolling nearby have in common? All of them can be recorded by a scouting camera! This equipment is like a discreet hunter lying in wait in their natural habitat. Camouflaged scouting cameras, however, can be used also outside the woods, namely in the urban jungle, which is full of intruders.

Forest cameras catch poachers red-handed, scare off persons drinking alcohol in inappropriate places, people illegally littering and can do so much more. They record movie clips or take photos of these misconducts which then serve as an irrefutable proof, they are like conscientious guards working all day long.

In our offer, there‘re eight new multifunctional scouting cameras from various price ranges. For nature lovers, hunters, owners of big properties or summer houses, security agencies, local governments and also public institutions.

These cameras stamp gathered material with date, time and also moon phase, so it becomes a perfect tool for conducting animal research but also a solid proof of a theft, burglary, alcohol consumption in a prohibited place, vandalism, illegal littering, etc.


With the s660g scouting camera you can record, for up to 5 months without changing the batteries, wild animals, intruders near your property, monitor the use of raised hides, fish breeding ponds and more.

It‘s an economic model for those who want to view photos or watch recordings made during their absence. It stores materials on removable SD cards with the maximum supported capacity of up to 32 GB, which can be conveniently displayed on a 2.4? LCD screen.

You can choose whether it‘s to take photos or records video clips. The third mode of operation combines the two functions, which allows for photos in high quality (up to 12 MP).

The forest camera activates itself when its PIR sensor detects a movement within the range of 15 metres during day. At night, the cam is supported by 25 IR diodes that provide additional lighting of the image in the max. 10 m range.

The s660g scouting camera is perfect for every season as it can operate in temperatures between -30‘C and +60‘C and, thanks to the waterproofness of IP54, it‘s safe from rain and snow.


The LTL 5310M scouting camera allows for transferring images via MMS and e-mail. Thanks to the built-in GSM module, it can send up to 99 photos a day to 3 phone numbers or 3 e-mail addresses ‘ perfect if you want other persons to have access to the footage.

You‘re notified when the battery is low by a text message sent to the pre-defined phone number.

No need to attend to the cam every day to change the SIM card. It stores photos and recordings on a memory card of up to 32 GB, just like the s660g model, but it can also overwrite old material.

In this case, you receive the latest footage straight on your smartphone and e-mail, so you can store it locally and, when the memory card is full, the cam overwrites the data that you have already stored, so you do not lose anything!

Its main feature is also the possibility to work on an AC adapter or a solar power adapter, what extends the operation time on batteries, which is up to 6 months. LTL 5310 works also at night and has twice as many IR diodes as the s660g model, so the light emitted within the 10-metre range is much stronger. It also has more movement sensors ‘ 3 with sensitivity adjustment.

It is password protected so that no intruder has access to your footage.


In the similar price range, there‘s the Covert MP8 camera which can take photos and record material according to a predefined schedule.

Covert MP8, just as the previous models, is equipped with the Time Lapse function where you can set how often the device is to take photos or record short video clips. The maximum resolution of images is 8MP, whereas videos ‘ 640‘380, what makes them perfect for GIFs or short films that you can edit yourself.

Use the schedule function to set up time range when the cam is to record continuously. You can choose night hours and sleep safe and sound while Covert MP8 works for you and records footage that you can conveniently browse through the next morning, no need to leave the house.

The IR lighting provides effective recording in low light in 12-metre range thanks to 28 diodes that emit soft red glow. To compare, the diodes installed in the LTL 5310M emit invisible light what hinders the location of the device.


This is the high-end sister model of the s660g camera with additional features, such as:

  • GSM module for wireless communication

  • function of overwriting old footage

  • password protection

  • sending photos and recording to an FTP server

  • higher video resolution ‘ up to 1920‘1080

The s880g camera has an IR lighting with as many as 56 diodes (at the top and bottom of the device) that do not emit any glow and enlighten the area at night within the 20-metre range.

The operation time may vary, depending on the number of photos and records sent daily to its user, whether the IR lighting is turned on, etc. You can modify the settings to prolong its operation time, for example, before going on vacation.

The more footage the cam sends a day, the shorter its operation time is. It may take photos even every 5 seconds, but then its operation time is only about 8 hours. If you set it for 100 photos a day with the IR lighting turned on, it can operate on AA batteries for up to 36 days.

The cam might send photos and videos to an FTP server, which can be shared with your family or friend after proper set up.


The maximum viewing angle of the movement sensor of the previous cameras is 52‘. The forest camera Covert Outlook offers twice as wide viewing angle of the main PIR sensoras many as 130‘ in the range of max. 20 m!

The wide-angle camera solves the everlasting problem of those who always regret that the best scene is out of frame. This model has also additional advantages over other products.

Records videos in resolution of up to 1080P, has super-fast movement response time below 1 second ‘ exactly 0,4 s and 56 diodes IR lighting with invisible glow.

The Covert Outlook camera offers wider perspective for people passionate about animals and stores footage on removable memory cards with the capacity of up to 32 GB. Similarly to the s660g device, you can display photos and recordings directly on its LCD screen, which is a bit bigger here, namely 3?.

It saves time and overwrites old material, so you need to remember about regular transferring it or replacing the memory card, especially if you want to take advantage of the Time Lapse function. It allows to take photos in regular time intervals, without sensing movement, for example every 60 seconds or minutes.


Although in the LTL TV-5210MG model the viewing angle is narrower than in the panoramic Cover Outlook, the two side sensors of the LTL Acorn device have angles of 50‘.

The IR lighting with 24 diodes emits invisible light in 25 m range, so this device is dedicated for persons in need for high quality of recordings and clear night photos, especially in places where municipal lighting does not reach.

The LTL TV-5210MG hunting camera can work in the photo (takes up to 10 shoots when motion is detected), video or the Time Lapse mode (records footage in predefined time intervals).

Stored photos and recordings can be viewed straight on the device display, on a smartphone or computer, depending whether you chose to send them by MMS (on max. 3 phone numbers) or an e-mail (on max. 3 e-mail addresses).

The LTL TV-5210MG hunting cam operates up to 6 months on AA batteries, in any weather, but remember not to install it in places exposed to high sun during hot summer days.


The Covert Phantom camera combines features of a professional forest cam for observing animals and for property monitoring. The IR lighting with 60 diodes emits invisible light in the 25-metre range and can be set to lower power consumption, as different light intensity is needed for taking shoots and recording in a dark forest than in a well-lit urban area.

The operation time depends on the number of AAA batteries used ‘ 4, 8 or 12. We recommend the last option for the device to work as long as possible using even the most advanced settings.

The main sensor has a 58 viewing angle, the range of up to 20 meters and sensitivity adjustable in 3 ranges. It needs just 0,4 second, just as Covert Outlook, to snap a passing by animal, thief, burglar or any other intruders, who think they‘re smart and swift ‘ Covert Phantom is faster!


The LTL TV-6210MG cam manufactured by Little Acorn Outdoors can work in the temperature range from -30 to +70‘C and humidity from 5 to 95%. Thanks to the built-in GSM module working in 4 ranges it may send footage on max. 3 predefined phone numbers and 3 e-mail addresses.

It automatically steers the IR lighting with 24 diodes, what makes photos and recordings made after dark clear and of good quality.

No need to pay much attention to it ‘ it operates on AA batteries for up to 6 months, and even longer if you decide to install a solar power adapter. The operation time is unlimited, if you connect it to an AC power adapter, what is a great solution for home monitoring. If you decide to use batteries, you will be notified by SMS when the power is low.

Though the LTL TV-6210MG cam is protected with a 4-digit password which prevents from changing its settings and viewing footage by unauthorised persons, it can be additionally protected by a solid box made of robust metal.

This protective security metal box raises the level of protection not only from unfavourable weather conditions but also from inquisitive animals, especially if the cam is intended for observing fauna and flora.

As it turns out, a scouting camera can fall prey to‘ wolves! This has happened in one of the Polish national parks, a wolf even took a selfie!

It managed to drag the cam down using its sharp teeth, as probably it was mounted too low or not tight enough, so remember that buying a scouting cam and setting it up is half the battle. The other half is its correct mounting and protection. Fortunately, our experts are here for you to provide immediate help concerning set up, full maintenance and technical support, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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