A pack of wolves, forest littering residents and bears have something in common – GSM photocameras recording them. As of recently, camouflaged cameras can also be found in the city, where there is no shortage of intruders. See what you can use this device for and which model to choose.

Photo trap - what is it?

Photo traps, or forest cameras, are nothing more than cameras that activate when motion is detected.

Often, one can encounter announcements by a municipality – as a warning – to purchase photo traps to protect the welfare of the public. They catch poachers in the act, and also deter gourmets of cheap liquor and people illegally disposing of garbage.

Recently, the use of the device in urban spaces has also been observed. Also in our offer there are 9 new multifunctional photo traps from different price ceilings. For nature lovers, hunters, owners of large properties or cottages, security companies, municipalities and institutions.

What can you use the photo trap for?

You can use the motion sensor camera for private purposes. Mounted in a selected place (for example, on the property) can:

  • record evidence of theft or burglary,
  • record people consuming alcohol in an unauthorized place,
  • combat vandalism and illegal garbage disposal,
  • as well as – serve to observe wildlife.

What to pay attention to before buying a forest camera?

Each photocamera is distinguished by something different: the price, the angle of recording, the quality of videos and photos or the size of the area in which it detects movement. That’s why before choosing a model for yourself, it’s a good idea to determine exactly the purpose for which the forest camera will be used.

Below you will learn about the types from our expert, who described 9 photocameras taking into account their strongest points. You will also learn what tasks a particular model is recommended for.

Photo traps - ranking

9 different models of the best in their categories. Learn about the detailed features of sensor camcorders and choose the model for you.


With the s660g forest camera you can record animals in the wild for up to 5 months without changing batteries, record intruders approaching your property, monitor the use of pulpits in the forest, breeding ponds, etc.

The s660g photo trap is one of the economic models. This forest camcorder stores materials on removable memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. You review them instantly on the 2.4-inch diagonal LCD screen.

It’s up to you to decide whether the photo trap will take pictures for you or record videos. The third mode combines these two options, which will give you very good quality photos (up to 12 Mpix max).

The forest camera will trigger when its sensor registers movement within a maximum distance of 15 m during the day. At night, the operation of the photo trap is assisted by an infrared illuminator with 25 LEDs with a range of up to 10 m.

The s660g photo trap is a rugged model. It works during hot weather (up to 60°C) and freezing temperatures (up to -30°C), and thanks to the IP54 waterproof standard, it also works during snow or rain.


Sending pictures by MMS and e-mail is a unique feature that the LTL 5310M photocamera has. Thanks to the built-in GMS module, this forest camera can send you up to 99 photos per day to the 3 phone numbers and 3 email addresses you specify, if you want your family or friends to have access to the recorded material.

You’ll also get an SMS when the batteries in the photo trap start to run out.

The LTL 5310M has a 32GB memory card just like the s660g camera, but has an overwrite function for old footage. This means you won’t have to replace the SIM card for a long time.

It is also distinguished by the option of mains power and a solar charger to extend battery life. The LTL 5310 also works at night and has twice as many LEDs in the IR lamp as the s660g model, so the light emitted at a range of up to 10 meters is stronger. It also has more motion sensors – as many as 3 with adjustable sensitivity.

You can password-protect this photocamera, so no intruder can get to your footage.


The Covert MP8 photo trap is an equally economical item, but has the added feature of taking photos and recording footage on a schedule.

Both the Covert MP8 and previous models have a Time Lapse function, where you set at what intervals you want the photo trap to take a photo or record a short video. You can assemble your own gifs or short videos from such materials – photos with a maximum resolution of 8 Mpix or 640×380 videos.

Thanks to the scheduling function, you set at what times the photo trap is to continuously record material. This will give you the opportunity to observe nocturnal animals or intruders.

The IR illuminator, thanks to which the Covert MP8 photo trap effectively records images at night, has 28 LEDs with a range of up to 12 m, which emit a soft red glow. In contrast, the LEDs on the LTL 5310M emit an invisible illumination that does not signal where the photo trap is.


ster of the s660g photo trap – but from the higher end, with additional features such as:

  • GMS module for wireless communication,
  • overwriting of the oldest photos and videos,
  • password protection,
  • uploading photos and videos to an FTP server,
  • higher video resolution – up to 1920×1080.

In the s880g photocamera, there are as many as 56 LEDs in the IR illuminator (distributed at the top and bottom of the photocamera), which do not emit glare, and give light at a range of up to 20m.

The working time of this hunting camera varies greatly, depending on the number of photos and videos sent to the user per day, as well as the IR illuminator on. You can freely change the settings, so you can extend the working time of the photocamera, for example, for the period of your vacation, and shorten it when you are on site.

The more material the trap sends per day, the shorter its working time will be. It can take pictures even every 5 seconds, but then its work will end after 8 hours. If you have it take 100 photos per day with the IR illuminator on, it will last up to 36 days on AA batteries.

The photo trap sends photos and videos to an FTP server, which you can share with family or friends after proper configuration.


The maximum viewing angle of the motion sensor of previous photo beacons is 52° – the Covert Outlook forest camera is distinguished by more than double the viewing angle of the main PIR sensor with a range of up to 20 m, it is as much as 130°!

It offers users video in up to 1080 P resolution, a lightning-fast reaction time to motion of less than 1 second – 0.4 seconds, and as much as a 60-diode IR illuminator with invisible glow.

The Covert Outlook wide-angle photo trap for people with a passion for animals stores footage on removable memory cards of up to 32 GB. As with the s660g photo trap, you can view photos and videos directly on the camera’s display, here slightly larger at 3 inches.

Thanks to the Time Lapse function, the photo trap can regularly – without detecting a source of movement – take a photo, such as every 60 seconds or every 60 minutes.


Although the viewing angle of the LTL TV-5210MG photo trap’s main motion sensor is smaller than that of the wide-angle Covert Outlook camera, the two side sensors of the photo trap from LTL Acorn already have 50° angles.

The 24-diode IR lamp emits invisible light with a range of up to 25 meters, so it’s a photo trap for people who care a lot about the best possible quality of night recordings and photos.

The LTL TV-5210MG photo trap works in photo mode (takes up to 10 pictures when motion is detected), video or time-lapse mode (Time Lapse function), recording footage at specific intervals.

You can view the recorded photos and videos both on the display of the photo trap and on your smartphone or computer, depending on whether you choose to send the material by MMS (to up to 3 numbers) or by email (to up to 3 mailboxes).

The LTL TV-5210MG hunting camera runs for up to 6 months on AA batteries in both hot and cold weather, although be sure not to mount it in areas exposed to very strong sunlight during the hottest days of summer.

  1. COVERT PHANTOM PHOTOPLANE – Our subjective leader

The Covert Phantom photo trap has all the important features of a professional forest camera for both animal watching and property monitoring. The adjustable 60-diode IR illuminator, which emits invisible light at a range of up to 25 meters, can be adjusted to reduce the photocamera’s power consumption. A different light intensity is required for taking photos and videos in a dark forest, and another for capturing footage in an urban, well-lit park.

The working time of the camera is also regulated by the number of AAA batteries – 4, 8 or 12. We recommend the last option, so that the photocamera, even with demanding settings, works as long as possible.

The 58° main sensor has a range of up to 20m and adjustable sensitivity at 3 levels. It takes just 0.4 seconds – just like the Covert Outlook – for the photo trap to catch a running animal, thief, burglar or any other intruder who thinks he is fit and fast. Covert Phantom is faster.


The LTL TV-6210MG photo trap from Little Acorn Outdoors operates in a temperature range of -30°C to 70°C in a permissible humidity of 5% to 95%. With a built-in 4-band GSM module, it sends recorded material to up to 3 phone numbers and 3 email addresses.

The photo trap automatically controls the 24-diode IR lamp, so photos and videos taken after dark will be adequately clear.

Its strong point is its long working time. It runs for up to six months on AA batteries, and even longer if its placement allows you to mount a solar charger; and for an indefinite period if you connect an AC adapter to it, such as wanting to use it as part of a home monitoring system.

However, if you’re limited to batteries, the photo trap will send you a text message when they run out.

The metal housing on the photo trap increases the level of protection not only from very adverse weather conditions, but also from overly curious animals, especially if the photo trap is to be used for wildlife observation.

The LTL TV-6210MG phototrap is protected by a 4-digit password that prevents an intruder from changing the phototrap’s settings, reviewing the videos it records and the photos it takes, but you can protect it even further with a durable hard metal housing.

Photo trap - where to buy?

Buying and setting up a photo trap is half the battle. The other part is installing and securing it properly, so you should opt for a place that offers additional customer care.

Fortunately, our specialists offer you support:

  • assistance in the configuration of the photo trap,
  • full service care,
  • technical assistance whenever you need it during the period of using the equipment.

Check out our large selection of photobooths.

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