Acorn wildlife camera LTL - 5310M for nature observation with a GSM module
Acorn wildlife camera LTL - 5310M for nature observation with a GSM module

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Acorn wildlife camera LTL - 5310M for nature observation with a GSM module

  • Transferring Images: MMS and e-mail
  • Operation time up to 5 months
  • Storing on memory card of up to 32 GB
  • 3 sensors: 25 m range
  • Acorn wildlife camera is equipped with IR lighting 940nm






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LTL - 5310M Acorn wildlife camera designed for nature observation with a built-in GSM module

Acorn wildlife camera LTL 5310M with GSM module has been designed for wildlife observers who carry out field observations. Long operation time, 3 motion sensors, possibility of remote control of the device and at night observation mode provide great capabilities of wildlife research and control of the surrounding.

  • Range of sensors

    Range of sensors

    up to 25 m

  • setting SMS

    Remote Configuration


  • Format of recording

    Recording format

    photos: JPG

    video: AVI

  • Maximum resolutions

    Motion detector

    1 main

    2 side sensors

Acorn wildlife camera LTL 5310M has been designed for wildlife observers, hunters monitoring bait stations and poachers, as well as for owners of fish breeding ponds. Camera is equipped with sensitive motion sensors, IR lighting, CMOS matrix which provides material of an excellent quality. Built-in GSM module enables remote control of the device and wireless data transmission, and the footage is stored on SD cards with the memory capacity of up to 32 GB.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured camera enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:
    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697

Advantages of the Acorn wildlife camera LTL 5310M for nature research

  • Sensitive matrix 5Mpix

    Sensitive 5 MPX matrix

    Acorn wildlife camera has been equipped with a CMOS 5 Mpx camera which provides clear image recording, which is particularly important in wildlife research. The user can choose one of two available image resolutions 12 MPX or 5 MPX.

  • IR illuminator

    Night lighting

    The Acorn wildlife camera has 50 IR diodes with the wavelength 940nm. The lighting is imperceptible, so it’s very discrete and does not interfere with nightlife of animals. The lighting range is usually about 10 m.

  • Czujniki ruchu

    Independent motion sensors

    The Acorn wildlife camera has 3 motion sensors working independently. The main sensor has been centrally located and its view angle is 35°, while 2 side sensors increase that angle by 30°.

  • Module GSM

    GSM module

    The GSM module can support SIM cards of all operators - both subscription and pre-paid (the so called remote top-up), as it is important to have enough funds on the account for data transmission. Owing to wireless GSM communication the user is able to change the trail camera settings remotely./p>

  • Photos sending

    Sending photos

    GSM module in the outdoor camera enables sending the recorded material via MMS or e-mail. One can send up to 99 photos a day to 3 phone numbers or to 3 e-mail addresses. It is necessary to provide enough funds to the card.

  • Video material

    Audio video

    Apart from photos, the device can also record video with the frame rate of 20 fps with the resolution 320×240 and 640×480. Video material is clear, sharp and has no image noises.

  • Energy saving photo trap

    Long operation time

    The Acorn wildlife has been developed based on the energy-efficient technology which provides power supply for about 5 months in stand-by mode with the use of 8 batteries type AA or with the use of solar power adapter.

  • Instant response

    Instant trigger

    The response time upon motion detection is less than 1 sec, so the forest camera will be perfect for wildlife researchers who e.g. monitor herd count or when monitoring forest areas, etc.

  • Readable screen

    Internal LCD screen

    A great advantage is an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen enclosed inside the trail camera. The user can quickly look through the material with no need to eject the card.

  • Alarm function

    Battery run down

    Battery status alarm is a highly useful function of the device. The current battery status is displayed as images and when the battery is low the user is notified by a text message sent to the pre-defined phone number.

  • Water-resistant

    Waterproof casing

    The key elements of the Acorn wildlife camera have been enclosed in the protective casing with IP54 protection class making the device resistant to variable weather conditions such as low temperature and precipitation.

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Specification of the Acorn wildlife camera LTL - 5310M for nature observation with a GSM module
Matrix of the Acorn wildlife cameraCMOS 5Mpx 2560×1920
View angle52°
Focusing distancefrom 3m to infinity
Exposure timeauto
White balanceauto
Overwriting photos and videosyes
The "Time Lapse" functionyes
Picture resolution - weight
  • 5Mpx 2560×1920
  • 12Mpx 4000×3000
Photo formatJPG
Video resolution - writing speed of the Acorn wildlife camera
  • 640×480, 20 fps
  • 320×240, 20 fps
Video formatAVI - with sound
  • LCD 2" TFT
  • 16.7 million colors
Data in the recording
  • battery
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • moon phase
  • PIN
  • yes
Built-in IR lamp
  • yes
  • 50 diods
  • 940nm
Flash rangeup to 10 m
Automatic light controlyes
The motion sensors system
  • yes
  • the main sensor
  • 2 side sensors
Range of sensorsup to 25 m
Sensors angle of view
  • main sensor: 35°
  • side sensor: 2 × 30°
Adjustable sensitivity of the sensors3 levels
Programmable sleep time of sensorsno
The activation time after a motion detection< 1 s
Data recordingremovable SD card up to 32GB
Power supply of the Acorn wildlife camera
  • 12 × AA battery
  • solar charger
  • AC adapter
Operating timeup to 6 months (for AA batteries)
Low voltage alarm (SMS)yes
Interfacemini USB
GSM module
  • 4 band
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Photos sending
  • VGA 640×480
  • by MMS on the fixed numbers (1-3)
Programmable limit of sent photos1-99 a day or without restrictions
Supported SIM card
  • subscription
  • pre-paid
Operating temperature-30°C ~ +70°C
Operating humidity5% - 95%
Dimensions80×130×72 mm
Weight262 g


  • Acorn wildlife camera LTL - 5310M for nature observation with a GSM module
  • Mounting belts
  • User manual

To take full advantage of the device order a package of AA power cells Eneloop and a memory card up to 32 GB..


Reviews (3)

By Micah D.

Comment : its camouflage makes it trully invisible among treess
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By Jorge M.

Comment : As a forester I find this gear really helpful as it sends me photos straight to my smartphone so I have an eye on my forest even when I am not there. Oh and also I can remotely customnise its settings
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By Oscar H.

Comment : Advantages are wide range, remote configuration and prime quality of recorded footage. But it also has disadvantages as it reuqires 12 (!!!) batteries and an AC adapter or solar power adapter are not included in the set.
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