Varroa Destructor is a parasitic mite that attacks honey bees and causes varroosis. It usually starts preying in the spring and, in order to protect bees, bee-keepers use various methods like strips with special synthetic chemicals, they spray hives, use organic acids or beneficial mites that fight against Varroa Destructor. But it’s not their only worry, bees are also threatened by vandals and thieves.

Stealing hives from apiaries not only causes financial and emotional losses but also have negative impact on their owners’ image. Bees are not stolen by common men, especially if the target are hives containing the most powerful bee families.

Sometimes, thieves do not go for the hives but bees and apiary equipment. Some do it just for the profit, they sell the repainted hives and accessories, others – to enrich their own apiaries and count against their competition.

Bee-keepers complain of the police – they say that inquiries are often closed due to the inability of finding the perpetrator.

If the apiary is not monitored and located in a secluded place, it’s really hard to find the persons responsible for damage or theft. It’s also almost impossible to catch them red-handed.

There is a solution, as bee-keepers may set a trap to protect their apiaries and catch dishonest honey enthusiasts.

The SpyPoint MMS trail camera for monitoring apiaries. Thanks to this device as many as four bee-keepers can receive notifications each time something disturbing is happening in their apiary.

All you need to do is purchase a trail camera for apiary monitoring, or a few devices to monitor a larger area.