Acorn camera LTL 3310A with IR illuminator and PIR motion sensor
Acorn camera LTL 3310A with IR illuminator and PIR motion sensor

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Acorn camera LTL 3310A with IR illuminator and PIR motion sensor

  • Infra-red lighting: 940 nm wavelength
  • Built-in 2" LCD display
  • Long operation time till 6 months
  • 80° camera vision angle
  • Acorn camera is password-protected

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LTL 3310A Acorn camera with PIR motion sensor and IR illuminator

The Acorn camera 3310A is equipped with a build-in IR illuminator completely invisible for the human eye and very sensitive PIR motion detector. A readable TFT LCD display allows for a quick overview of collected materials. A modern construction enables a stable performance even in low temperature.

  • Recordings marking

    Material stamping


    lunar phases


  • PIR motion sensor

    PIR motion sensor of the Acorn camera

    up to 25 m

  • IR illuminator

    IR illuminator

    range up to 15 m

  • Image format

    Image format

    Photo: JPG

    Video: AVI

The Acorn camera LTL 3310A with an infrared illuminator and sensitive PIR motion sensor is a model of reinforced construction which works out perfectly well during harsh weather conditions, e.g., in low temperatures or during snowfalls. The 3310A model is a great solution to monitor woodpiles, parking lots or property areas for little money.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 020 3290 1199
Trap camera LTL 3310A

Advantages of the LTL 3310A Acorn camera with an IR illuminator and motion sensor

  • IR illuminator

    IR illuminator

    The Acorn camera has the built-in IR diodes generating the invisible infrared light at the 940 nm wavelength, so the image recorded at night is clear and readable.

  • PIR motion sensor

    PIR motion sensor

    The Acorn camera is equipped with one main PIR motion sensor which detects differences in ambient temperature distribution and starts the device. Sensor sensivity can be adjusted in 3 modes: low - designated for outdoor operation, normal, and high - for indoor operation.

  • Clips and photos

    Videos and photos

    The Acorn camera can collect the material in form of clips and/or photos, as well as in a mode "CAM Video" when it makes photos and records clips at the same time. Video material is recorded at the resolution of 640 × 480 or 320 × 240, while photos at 1.3/3/5 Mpix.

  • Energy-saving power supply

    Energy-saving power supply

    The Acorn camera can operate till 6 months in a standby mode using 8 AA batteries. The camera is compatible with a solar charger available in Detective Store offer. This additional source of power ensures a longer time of operation.

  • Recording schedule

    Recording schedule

    Timer functionality enables a user to record only during a specified periods. Such a solution also enables a user to spare a capacity of a SD card, and later to spare time to view the material recorded.

  • Readable display

    Readable display

    2" colour LCD display was mounted in the backside of device, thus enabling a user to view the recorded material easily.

  • Password protection

    Password protection

    Access to the Acorn camera is protected with a password. The collected material is secured and there's no risk it could be viewed by the unauthorized persons.

  • Battery discharge

    Battery discharge

    In case of low battery level a warning will be displayed on a screen informing about the current level.

  • Memory cards

    Memory cards

    The collected material is recorded on the removable memory cards of up to 16 GB capacity.

  • Watertight casing

    Watertight casing

    The whole construction was designed in compliance to the IP66 standard, what secures the protection of a camera against variable weather conditions, as well as against low temperature or snow.

Materials to be downloaded

  • ­


    LTL photo trap update and configuration software.


LTL Acorn

Little Acorn Outdoors Company was set up in 2009 in focusing on the sale of products for hunting and archery in the initial phase. Customer satisfaction, very good quality of products, reliability, and the growing interest of additional devices made Little Acorn gradually expanded the...


Specifications of Acorn camera LTL 3310A with IR illuminator and PIR motion sensor
1 interpolated
Angle of view80°
The angle of view3m to infinity
Exposure time of the Acorn cameraauto
White Balanceauto
"Time Lapse" functionyes
Picture Resolution - weight
  • 2560×1920, 500-900KB
  • 2048×1536, 300-600KB
  • 1280×960, 100-300KB
Photo formatJPG
Video resolution - writing speed of the Acorn camera
  • 640×480, 30kl/s
  • 320×256, 30kl/s
Video formatAVI
  • LCD 2" TFT
  • 16,7 mln colors
Data in the recording
  • battery status
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • phase of the moon
Password protectionPIN code
Built-in IR lamp
  • yes
  • 940nm
Flash range of the Acorn cameraup to 15 m
Motion sensors system
  • yes
  • Main sensor
Sensors rangeup to 25 m
Sensor angle of view60°
Adjustable sensors sensitivity3 levels
Activation time when motion is detected< 1,5s
Data storageData recording removable SD card up to 16GB
Power supply of the Acorn camera
  • 8 × AA battery
  • solar charger
  • AC adapter
Operating timeup to 6 months (for AA batteries)
Low voltage alarmyes - the information on the display
  • USB
  • TV output
GSM modulenone
Operating temperature-40°C - +70°C
Operating Humidity5% - 95%
Dimensions142 × 90 × 65 mm


  • Acorn camera LTL 3310A with IR illuminator and PIR motion sensor
  • Belts assembly
  • User manual

To take full advantage of the device Order a memory card up to 32 GB and a package of AA power cells.


Reviews (6)

By Cody B.

Comment : Function of password protection is useful as only I can access the gathered material.
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By Steven C.

Comment : I agree with the reviews placed here for the most part. My impressions are positive, it's not excellent but for this price it's enough.
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By Brayden B.

Comment : Has some awesome functions like pir motion sensor, material stamping, long working time, battery discharge alarm and waterproofness. Also, the store can configure its fo you and this service is free of charge,
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By Christopher E.

Comment : Pluses - quality of the product and options : minuses - needs 8 batteries, solar charger needs to be purchased separately .
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By Connor E.

Comment : Very good recordings at night + affordable price = one happy customer :)
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By Elizabeth H.

Comment : professional support from the store , quite fast delivery
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