ASA-2000 Acoustic Spectrum Analysis software
ASA-2000 Acoustic Spectrum Analysis software

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ASA-2000 Acoustic Spectrum Analysis software

  • Measures the acoustic spectral leakage
  • Analysis of the acoustic spectral leakage
  • The optimal configuration of the ANG-2200 system



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ASA-2000 Acoustic Spectrum Analysis Software

Audio Spectrum Analysis Software allows you to set ANG-2200 system parameters in the most efficient and least disruptive for ears way.


Audio Spectrum Analysis program was developed for specialized measurement and analysis of sound absorbed by the structure of the building. Using the software is quite simple:

UV powder can be used on a variety of materials:

  • Make a control test of the acoustic leakage.
  • Generate a masking noise.
  • Make a comparative measurement of the leak by adapting the system to the expected optimal value.
  • Software ASA-2000
  • User manual in English


Research Electronics International (REI)

Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA . REI's clients are mostly government agencies, law enforcement bodies, security companies and professionals who deal with surveillance protection and protection of confidential data . REI...


  • Software ASA-2000
  • User manual in English

Reviews (3)

By Alexander D.

Comment : Provides precise measurement and analysis of acoustic spectral leakage
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By Brandon E.

Comment : Superb sumplement to my set
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By Sarah F.

Comment : it is advanced software allowing for optimal configurtion but why it costs so much :/….
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