Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use
Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use
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Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use

  • Individual pricing of each order!
  • Very discreet solution
  • Spy camera with a 3G/4G or WiFi module
  • Good audio and vision quality!
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Spy camera installation in the objects of everyday use

­Installation of a spy camera in any object of everyday use



A hidden camera allows video recording and live video transmission/sending. It has a built-camera lens, a special transmitting module, and a battery. It can be installed in many objects. If you are interested in this service please contact us at contact@detective-store.com.

Please send as many details about the application and installation place as possible.

We need to know also which type of camera do you need - the one that only saves recordings to built-in memory or one that can send it to the internet server.

Video can be sent via a cellular network or WiFi network. In order to use the one that uses the cellular network you need to install in the camera SIM module a SIM card. You can use any SIM card from any carrier (it can not be protected with any SIM code). This transmission type requires GSM coverage.
In order to send video with WiFi network, you need to connect a camera to the network.

Both camera types can be powered from an external power source and work unlimited time - 24/7 365 days a year. Please let us know if you need a camera with built-in battery (how long should it work without charging) or the one that can be connected to an external power source (in that case it can be hidden for example in surge protector or hidden in any electric object, for example, a lamp).

A camera can have a built-in microphone (with a range of a few meters). If you need it please let us know.

A super miniature objective, a long standby time, 90° angle of view - these are only the basic advantages of spy cameras installed in the objects. The key to success is not to raise any suspicions towards the object where a mini cam will be installed.

More and more often across the media we can see and read the news of violence against children, older people or amongst partners. Such reports, however, don't bring to us the important information how to fight against these abuses. Detective Store decided to meet these needs and to expand its offer with a service of a mini camera installation in the objects of everyday use.

Most common reasons to install a spy camera hidden in the objects:

  • infidelity amongst partners,
  • violence at home, at school, at nursing home,
  • private and company rooms and premises surveillance - offices, boutiques, stables,
  • irresponsibility or thougthlessness by children's counsellors/baby sitters,
  • unreliable caregiving for the children or elderly people,
  • dishonesty of flat mates.

We offer two camera modules with audio recording as an option. The first, X9009 , is equipped with 2 MP matrix what produces a resolution of VGA 320×240px. The device can take photos of the surrounding which then can be sent by MMS to the controller’s phone number.

The second camera module that we recommend is Mini IP camera V99, which is an irreplaceable device when it comes to secret home monitoring, office or garage via a smart phone from any place on the globe. Lens diameter is only 1 mm, while the total diameter of an objective amounts to round 4 mm. The device is connected to the 4000 mAh accumulator and the collected materials are recorded on the exchangeable TF memory cards of capacity up to 32 GB.

Miniaturization of spy cameras created their greatest advantage. Thanks to their small dimensions they can be hidden practically in any object. The wide angle of vision and image quality are also very good if compared to the cameras' dimensions. The installation of mini cameras in the accessories for horse riding was one of the more interesting services we have made so far - the cameras monitored the public stables. For us nothing is impossible and the truth will out.

Detective Store - Spy camera installation

If you wish to install a spy camera in an object of everyday use, please contact us at: Tel.: (44) 020 3290 1199
E-mail: contact@detective-store.com


Do you want to know more?
Contact us and present your requirements. Our qualified team of specialists will prepare an individual solution fitting your needs. We provide a service up to 5 working days since an acceptance of your order

Photo gallery of objects delivered by our customers

Mini camera installed in a radio
Mini camera in a cuckoo clock
Monitoring in a stable
Mini camera in a teddy bear


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Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use

Comment : I highly recommend this service from the Detective Store - 100% professional installation and quick service! :D
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Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use

Comment : Contact with the store was pleasant, installation quick, I got informed how the equioment works - professional service worth the money spent
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Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use

Comment : we have a cam installed in a teddy bear in my child's room and we observe our nanny. Better safe than soryy!
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Spy camera installation in any object of everyday use

Comment : I was in need of something super discreet and couldn't really buy a new device with a hidden camera as my husband would know that something was wrong. So, I asked the store to install a mini cam in his favourite Parker pen that he always has on him. Now I have my ear and sight on him all the time. I sincerely recommend.
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