Installation of a wiretap in any object of everyday use
Installation of a wiretap in any object of everyday use

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Installation of a wiretap in any object of everyday use

  • Individual pricing of each order!
  • Discreet wiretapping of surroundings
  • Long time of standby mode - 14 days
  • Radio scanner range up to 2 km
  • Simple and intuitive operating


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  • Please Note!
This device is available ONLY for Government Agencies (in this case we require legal documentation/Home Office authorization permitting the use of a device) or for export from the EU.
If you have questions, please contact

A bug and a receiver - installation of tapping device in any object

­Installation of wiretaps in objects of everyday use

A wiretap is a tiny transmitter which transfers the sounds of the surroundings. A radio frequency scanner enables receiving a signal within a given range. A set of these two devices offers really great surveillance possibilities which can provide security for you, your family and your business.

Service of the wiretap installation in any object will work out in practice, especially when security of our family, or your business information security are of utmost importance. A tapping set with a built-in efficient battery operating as long as for 14 days makes it a perfect solution to monitor the employees or a baby sitter.

A wiretap is very tiny so it could be hidden practically almost everywhere. You should remember, however, it shouldn't be placed close to the other devices emitting strong electromagnetic impulses, because this may severely interfere with a signal of your device, placed inside solid, tight objects, or any other object that may jam or distort its signal.

We offer two types of wiretaps:

  • GSM, which enables to tap via a mobile phone. After starting a call or sending an SMS command a mobile connects to a SIM card placed inside a mobile.
  • A radio, which transmits sounds received by a radio scanners of Uniden brand.


Who can take advantage of wiretaps installation?

  • For businesmen

    For businesmen

    If you are a businessman and you want to start a legal tapping surveillance in your offices but you don't want to mess your office decor, just bring us your product and we will simply install a bug in it.

  • For parents


    If you are the parents who get worried about your kid and you want to check what is going on in a kindergarten, at school or after lessons, hide a wiretap in any object that won't raise suspicions of caregivers, teachers or kid's friends. This can be a favorite toy, rucksack, or other object used everyday.

  • For parners


    If you suspect your partner is not loyal to you because he/she comes back late home or it seems his/her business trips are too often you may consider to install a tapping device.

In case you want to have a tapping monitoring at home, you may have more types of objects and devices, e.g. lamps, music equipment, even household items. It's up to you to choose. Practically a tapping device can be hidden in any object.

Detective Store - Wiretaps installation

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S63 5DB South Yorkshire United Kingdom
Tel.: (44) 020 3290 1199


Do you want to know more?
Contact us and tell what you need. Our highly qualified team will prepare an individual solution fitting your needs. We provide a service up to 5 working days since an acceptance of your order.

Photo gallery of objects delivered by our customers

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Quartz bugs
 2 KL bug3 KL bug5 KL bug
  • in open terrain up to 500 m
  • in a compound up to 250 m
  • in open terrain up to 500 m
  • in a compound up to 250 m
  • in the open area up to 2000 m
  • in a closed area up to 1000 m
20 × 20 × 15 mm50 × 16 × 16 mm20 × 165 mm
Radio recievers
 Uniden EZI33XLTUBC69XLT-2Uniden UBC72XLTUniden UBC-92XLT
78 - 512 MHz25-512 MHz
  • 25–87,265 MHz
  • 108–174 MHz
  • 406–512 MHz
  • 25–88 MHz
  • 108–137 MHz
  • 138-174 MHz
  • 406-512 MHz
  • 806-960 MHz
5/6,25/8,33/10/12,5 KHz5/6,25/10/12,5/20 kHz5/6,25/10/12,5/20 kHz5/6,25/8,33/10/12,5 kHz
104 × 53 × 28 mm68 x 31 x 115 mm114,5 × 70 × 44,5 mm115 × 68 × 31,5 mm
100 g165 g165 g165 g


  • Wiretap mounted in any object
  • Uniden reciever scanner
  • Antenna BNC
  • AC/DC charger
  • Belt clip
  • 2 batteries AA NiMh 1800 mAh
  • Manual

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