GPS installation in any object of everyday use
GPS installation in any object of everyday use
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GPS installation in any object of everyday use

  • Individual pricing of each order!
  • The exact location within 5m
  • Unlimited working time
  • Alarm after leaving the zone - GeoFencing
  • Remote control - SMS commands, server


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Service of GPS installation in objects of everyday use

­GPS installation in objects of everyday use

GPS locators are the small receivers of GPS signals. A signal quality depends on a "sky visibility" (the cloud cover ratio - the lower the better). GPS locators are tiny devices with great possibilities.

Quite regularly we can hear about stealing vehicles or other personal commodities. Luckily, there appear the new technologies accompanied by the new ways of protection and security. Now we can better secure our property. Miniature dimensions enable to supervise valuable shipments, cars or yachts. As GPS locators are of tough construction we can place them also in rucksacks, schoolbags or jackets and monitor the routes of children or elderly persons.

We offer two types of GPS locators:

  • MT 90 a device of modern design, enables a live tapping, equipped with an "SOS button" in case somebody loses a sense of direction.
  • GL 300 a locator featured in a long working time, completely waterproof and based upon two geopositioning systems - GPS and GLONASS

GPS locators

Tracker GL300
Tracker Mt90

Who get the most benefits from GPS installation?

  • For Businessmen

    For Businessmen

    If you own the specialized vehicles and building machinery, you can track their location and supervise their movement within working hours. You can also supervise your employees in the company cars. GPS locators record the routes taken and can send messages to inform you that a vehicle left a specifically defined area (a functionality called "geofencing".)

  • For parents

    For parents

    Your children often come back from school later than it's suggested by their school timetable? It's enough to sew a locator into a pocket of a schoolbag, or other object of everyday use, and children's location reveals its mysteries.

  • For yourself

    For yourself

    If you are happened to have a nice Ford Mustang or other classic in a garage, which you are nursing and cherishing at your free time, or if your yacht moors in a distant marina it's worth thinking over a discreet monitoring via a hidden GPS locator.

  • For elderly people

    For elderly people

    With age, elderly people quite often lose their sense of direction. A GPS locator can easily provide security for such a person.


Do you want to know more?
Contact us and tell what you need. Our highly qualified team will prepare an individual solution fitting your needs. We provide a service up to 5 working days since an acceptance of your order.

Detective Store - GPS Devices installation

If you wish to install a GPS tracker in an everyday object, please contact us at: Tel.: (44) 020 3290 1199

Photo gallery of objects delivered by our customers

GPS device inside a car seat
GPS device on a motor boat
GPS locator in a teddy bear
GPS locator in woman's handbag


Spy Shop

Spy Shop is a company created for the needs of providing high class spy devices constructed for monitoring and protecting the property, protecting confidential information, anti-spy activities, supervision and many others. The target group of Spy Shop are as well individual...


GPS locators specification
Mt 90GL 300
1 depending on used battery
integrated GPSintegrated GPS/GLONASS/GSM
< 5m
  • typical: < 5m
  • assisted: < 2m
typical -163dBm
  • typical: - 147 dBm
  • Hot Start: - 155 dBm
  • localisation: - 162 dBm
  • reporting every 1 min - 24 h
  • reporting every 3 min - 2 days
  • reporting every 5 min - 3 days
  • reporting every 10 min - 4 days
  • reporting every 30 min - 5 days
  • reporting every 60 min - 6 days
  • reporting every 1 min - 5 days
  • reporting every 3 min - 6 days
  • reporting every 5 min - 8 days
  • reporting every 10 min - 10 days
  • reporting every 30 min - 11 days
  • reporting every 60 min - 12 days
< 65mA< 10mA
77 × 47 × 20 mm68,5 × 38,5 × 22,5 mm
65 g60 g

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