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  • House and garage monitoring

    Make sure your property is properly secured with camera traps, hidden cams and recorders. Sleep well and be sure your family and possesions are safe.

  • Keep your child safe

    Check your child's whereabouts with wearable GPS trackers equipped with alarm triggers, and monitor their safety on the Internet with discreet software.

  • Check your partner's fidelity

    Would you like to check if your partner is faithful? Use our tests to prove their infidelity once and for all. They give 100% certainty and are guaranteed to work.

  • Car tracking devices

    Protect your car from theft with professional GPS trackers, and use the car cameras to record possible accidents and have proofs accepted in court cases.

  • Monitoring employees

    Make sure the employees don't exploit your company resources, money and time. Use the cutting-edge technology to monitor workers' actions and the flow of information.

  • Secure business deals

    Choose the right technology to secure business meetings and data exchange. Welfare of your company depends on safety of your contracts, strategies and know-how.

  • Locate people

    With GPS trackers you can find anyone almost anywhere. Effortlessly track children, seniors and workers using your phone or computer.

  • Prepare for all exams

    Detective Store offers a range of devices to help you study and pass any exam. These miniature, discreet and wireless devices are handy and easy to use.