Audio recording restoration

­Quality improvement of recording / transcription service

Audio recordings made with a dictaphone or other tapping device are the most common way to obtain evidences. Unfortunately, quite often quality of such recording doesn't enable a pure output and, consequently, recognition of what was said.

Audio material analysis

Sometimes there are circumstances when recording takes place in the unfavorable acoustic environment - at restaurants, pubs, company offices, on noisy streets, etc. Such audio material delivered to us comes under a forensic phonetic examination by means of a spectrum analyzer. Then the audio material previously examined undergoes a noise reduction, frequency filtering and due correction to amplify, clear and extract a human voice from the ambience to the foreground.

Results are delivered to a customer in an audio form as the short samples to compare the sound quality before and after processing. At the same time you are delivered with a final pricing for your order.

Our experts also produce opinions as the expert evidences in need of the court proceedings. An expert evidence will be issued by our expert advisor.

We can also produce the detailed contents of a conversation as a transcription. In case of the video material it's possible to prepare captions and put them in the video.


ServicePrice of a service and description
Basic examination and total pricing29 GBP

A detailed total pricing is sent after basic examination.


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