Data recovery from a mobile

Data recovery from a mobile

The mobiles used nowadays are usually products of advanced technology. Actually, they are small computers of big performance and at the same time they are carriers of zillions pieces of information like SMSs, photos, clips, mails etc. Worldwide research of 2014 shows that the United Kingdom is the new Internet empire - the first place in Internet penetration in the world, ahead of Germany. Over 85% of households had access to the Internet at home (probably over 90% now). In addition, over 30% users think their smart phones are the most important tool to connect to the network. A forecast for 2016 says we have over 40 million smart phones now.

Data recovery from a mobile

Recover deleted SMSs, MMSs, and contacts

How to recover deleted SMSs, contacts or other data from a broken mobile?

As we know the life-span of devices we also know that probably at some point in the future all your data stored in a mobile memory will be destroyed. Then you have a choice whether it's better to fix your mobile (well, quite often to repair a mobile is no guarantee to recover the lost data) or to spend your money for a new model and pay for the data recovery from an old one.

It could be difficult for you to recognize whether your choice would lead you to success or not. So our advice is to get in touch with Detective Store. Our specialists have many years of experience and they help you make a decision. If you prefer to get your mobile repaired, at first fill an order form in detail. This will be of great help to discover a nature of a problem and find the best solution. As soon as our specialist receives your mobile the process of recovery of your SMSs, USB sticks or photos from a SIM card will start. It's hard to say how much time the whole process may take. It could turn out that to recover the data from your device will be easy, so we will get the files very quickly. On few occasions, however, the whole process took few months.

Everything depends upon a few factors:

  • to what extent your mobile is damaged (e.g. flooded with water, exposed to overvoltage or extreme temperature)
  • what is memory capacity of your mobile, as well as a number and kind of the lost data
  • whether we need to disassemble your mobile (into smaller pieces) or not

In case you lose your data you should immediately switch your device off. and secure it well against the further effects of damage factors. Lack of skills and amateur actions usually get things worse what makes work of our team harder.

After the recovery of the lost SMSa, MMSs or contacts is finished, all data will be delivered to a Customer on a chosen carrier or sent via email.

In case of a physical damage it may be necessary to open your mobile. This could result in a change of your device and a cancellation of warranty. If this happens, Customer will not consider it as a faulty service. On the other hand, Detective Store will always do its best to keep your device untouched if it's possible. Detective Store also declares to keep all the recovery data in full confidence. We never disclose the information Customers entrusted to us. We only process it, and only within limits necessary to recover and secure the data from your mobile.

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Our technicians have had a lot to do with photos, SMSs and other data from mobile phones for many years. They have already met probably every problem which could ever happen. We have significant experience, supported by years of practice. The reputation we have achieved so far make us be sure that if only the data are recoverable, we will make it. So if you are in doubt and not sure whether your data could be retrieved, consult our specialist.

You should also remember

Using free software to recover the data from a mobile is really risky. When you try to retrieve your data by yourselves you can delete them permanently with ease and even we won't be able to recover them. It would be far better to ask a specialist to recover your important SMSs or contact lists. Besides, a huge number of free apps contains a hidden malware that can infect your computer.

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