Hunting torch - Ledlenser T2 QC with waterproof casing and different light colours
Hunting torch - Ledlenser T2 QC with waterproof casing and different light colours
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Hunting torch - Ledlenser T2 QC with waterproof casing and different light colours

  • Four colours of light
  • Light range of the hunting torch 25 m
  • Operation time up to 4 h
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
  • Water resistance compliant with IPX6

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Ledlenser T2 QC - hunting torch with waterproof casing and different light colours

T2 QC is a hunting torch featuring stable power and light coverage. The flashlight has 4 colours of light, which can easily be adjusted to one’s needs.

  • Light power

    Light intensity

    140 lm

  • Operation time LED 4 h

    Operation time of the hunting torch

    4 h

  • Light range

    Light range

    25 m

  • Water resistance



The T2 QC hunting torch is another sensational product by Ledlenser developed for a broader range of applications. Ledlenser is one of the world’s leading companies specialized in developing and manufacturing of portable light sources for everyday use and for professional applications.

T2 QC has 4 light colours, so the user has a truly multi-functional device at hand. The hunting torch can be used while tracking a shot animal, or as a light during nature observations as well as during evening walks with the dog.

Colours of light - application

  • white - traditional light for everyday use,
  • red - features long waves so it is poorer than the white light; this colour of light with be perfect as a positioning light while hiking,
  • green - mainly used for observation of animals due to a glare-free colour,
  • blue - an advantage of this light colour is highlighting of wet tracks such as blood or sweat.

The hunting torch, like all the Ledlenser lights, is very simple to operate. To switch the light on, just push the button or rotate the head of the device. The flashlight activates at first in the basic white light mode and to change the light colour to red, green or blue just rotate the head of the flashlight to an appropriate position.

The torch is rather small and light-weight, as it weighs only 16 g, so you can always keep it close at hand. The hunting torch will be perfect for nature observations, even during a small rain or at high air humidity, as its casing is made of sturdy aluminium and complies with IPX6 resistance standard. The device is powered by 3 removable AAA batteries which allow for about 4 hours of operation.

The T2 QC hunting torch has been developed for diverse applications including both tracking and observation of animals. The producer also offers a pocket-size LED flashlight perfect for everyday evening walks with the dog.

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In view of Chinese faulty products that occur on the market, we would like to inform that the company Detective Store is an authorised seller of Ledlenser products and we grant a full guarantee on the products purchased only in Detective Store.



Ledlenser is a world class brand, which specializes in LED torches for different applications.


Specification of the hunting torch Ledlenser T2 QC
1 operating time depend on environment temperature 2 5 years in case of products purchased after 10.01.2015 r., and the product must be registered by the user for 7 years.
Advanced Focus System (AFS)no regulations
Light functions of the hunting torch
  • white - traditional
  • red - sidelight
  • green - light night vision
  • blue - to detect fluids (blood, sweat, etc.).
Light range25 m
Brightness140 lm
Operating timeup to 4 hours 1
Power supply of the hunting torch3 x AAA battery
Water resistanceIPX6
Warranty7 years 2
Dimensions97 × 30 mm
Weight of the hunting torch Ledlenser T2 QC106 g


  • Hunting torch - Ledlenser T2 QC with waterproof casing and different light colours
  • 3 x AAA battery


Reviews (4)

By Ralph H.

Comment : what makes it different from other torches is that it emits light in four different coloursL: white, red , green and blue
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By Nathaniel W.

Comment : If you register the purchase on the manufacturer's website you get SEVEN years of guaranteee
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By Macsen C.

Comment : tiny + light + cheap = great!
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By Levi J.

Comment : great addition to my hunting gear, the only drawback is short opearation time
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