CCD Armasight Prime DC digital night vision device
CCD Armasight Prime DC digital night vision device

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CCD Armasight Prime DC digital night vision device

  • Night vision – very sensitive CCD image sensor
  • Image displayed on a colour LCD screen
  • Adjustable gain and image brightness
  • Integrated IR illuminator
  • Compact casing – versatile

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CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x digital night vision device

Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x is a night vision device based on a very sensitive CCD image sensor. Unlike classic night vision devices, it does not use a light amplifier. Instead, it works with photographic image sensor of very high sensitivity which allows to perform night time observation in low lighting conditions.

The image captured by the camera is displayed on a colour LCD screen (because of the specification, colour saturation is low). CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x can also be used in normal lighting conditions without a risk of damaging it, unlike classic night vision devices. 5x/7x magnification optical system is made of high quality lenses covered with multilayered anti-glare coating – this results in obtaining a clear image without deformations.

Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x model was designed to achieve maximum efficiency at lowest possible costs. As a result, Armasight offers a reliable appliance enabling observation at night time at very low lighting in an affordable price. CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x digital night vision device is suitable for many situations – during trips, hunting, fishing and in field games such as ASG. It is also a good, affordable solution for less demanding professional uses – security agencies or field patrolling.

Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x chief assets

  • Digital night time observation enabled by a very sensitive CCD image sensor.
  • Colour LCD screen.
  • Manual regulation of gain and brightness.
  • Built-in IR illuminator and compatibility with external illuminators.
  • Waterproof, rubberised casing.
  • Light and compact.
  • Two year producer's warranty.

CCD digital night vision device was additionally equipped with a built-in, short range IR illuminator. It allows to use the device in conditions of total darkness, e.g. in a room with no light from an outside. If necessary, the external source of light may be used (e.g. IR810 illuminator), which enables observation from the range of up to 100 meters. CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x night vision device is powered by a CR123 3V battery which allows it to work for 2.5 hours.

Small size, compact, solid and waterproof casing and easy operation of the CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x digital night vision device makes it perfect for wide range of applications for both amateur and less demanding professional purposes.



Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of CCD Armasight Prime DC 5x/7x night vision device
Image sensorCCD
ScreenLCD colour
MemorySD/SDHC memory cards up to 16 GB
  • foto: 2048×1536
  • video: 752×582
  • 5×: 50 mm
  • 7×: 60 mm
Eye relief12 mm
Focusing range-4 to +4
Exit pupil diameter4 mm
View angle12°
Depth of focus
  • 5×: 1 m to infinity
  • 7×: 1.5 m to infinity
Total Darkness IR systemyes
IR indicatoryes (LED)
Power supply
  • 1 × CR123A, 3 V battery
  • mains: 9,0V DC 500mA
Work timeup to 2.5 h
Operating temperature-40 to +50°C
Storing temperature-40°C to +50°C
  • 5×: 198 × 81 × 61 mm
  • 7×: 265 × 100 × 65 mm
  • 5×: 460 g
  • 7×: 630 g


  • CCD Armasight Prime DC digital night vision device
  • CR123A battery
  • Objective cover
  • Case
  • XLR850 Illuminator
  • User's manual
  • Warranty – 24 months


Reviews (6)

By Ethan J.

Comment : suitable for non-proffessional use, nothing to be thrilled about, TBH
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By Aiden W.

Comment : I like this gear as it is not too expensive, user friendly and perfect for low light conditions! I use it for hunting after dark .
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By Rupert E.

Comment : being not an advanced user I appreciate that you have the possibility to manually adjust gain and brigthness, also it is rather sturdy, I have not tested its waterproofness yet though
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By Robert B.

Comment : Versatile product - compact casing and ability to chhoose magnification of the lens.
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By Oliver C.

Comment : You will not find a better night vision device at this price ! I assure you.
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By Eleanor C.

Comment : very good screen that displays in colour, you can also adjust gain and image brightness
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