Cell phone spy software - Spyphone Android Extreme
Cell phone spy software - Spyphone Android Extreme
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Cell phone spy software - Spyphone Android Extreme

  • Live interception of phone conversations and telephone surrounding
  • Monitoring of communicators
  • Phone conversations recording
  • Controlling of SMS, e-mail and MMS messages
  • Cell phone spy software allows for Telephone locating via GPS

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  • Please Note!
  • The software supports Android 4.0-7.0 systems
  • The spyphone has to be installed in the target phone, the one you want to "spy". Therefore, you need to have a physical access the target mobile phone in order to install the software. Remote installation is not possible
  • In order to install the software, the Root program is required. Then, the software is installed just as a typical application
  • If you own and iPhone you can also buy SpyPhone iOS Extreme supporting iphones and ipads
  • Free delivery - The product is a software and the access is sent instantly via e-mail
  • For further questions, please contact us contact@detective-store.com

Spyphone Android Extreme - Cell phone spy software for phone monitoring (phone calls, SMS, MMS interception, phone tracking)

SpyPhone Android Extreme is a cell phone spy software designed for inconspicuous monitoring and controlling of all activities of a telephone user or a tablet user. The application runs discreetly in the background and enables e.g. interception and recording of telephone conversations. monitoring of all kinds of messages sent or received, locating the telephone and controlling the accounts used for different kinds of services.

Nowadays most of us encounter such problems as ensuring safety of our families, especially children, care of the property and securing a company against financial losses resulting from unfair competition, stealing of information or employees’ fraud. Mobile phones have become the primary channel of communication both in private life as well as in business, however, it is also a tool enabling intimidation, obtaining information to which one is not authorised, blackmailing and abuses. That's why it is worth to protect yourself against the effects of this type of abuses by monitoring the use of the phone.

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    To receive activation code and user manual, please contact us by phone (44) 020 3290 1199 or e-mail: contact@detective-store.com

Installation of SpyPhone Android Extreme cell phone spy software provides complete control over the use of a phone or a tablet supported by Android system, as well as it helps to respond to the emerging problem in time. The application runs quietly in the background not affecting your phone operation. The software allows to conduct “live” interception and recording of phone conversations and sounds in the surrounding, as well as to collect information - news, geographical position multimedia. The data from the monitoring are transferred to a server and the user can access them upon logging in to his account on the web site.

Important note
According to the law wiretapping of individuals without their consent is a crime. That person must first be informed about the possibility of being intercepted.

What are application of the cell phone spy software?

  • parental control
  • control of company staff
  • security measure in the event of phone theft
  • security in the event of kidnapping

To be able to use some functions the device must have an access to a root account (the account in Android system, which allows complete control over the system, the rooting process may lead to unstable operation, system damage, and will void the warranty on the phone).

Functions offered by SpyPhone Android Extreme - cell phone spy software

  • Phone calls

    Live conversations (only root)

    Real-time interception of phone conversations - during a phone conversation you just need to call in from the controlling phone number to automatically enter the ongoing conversation and get to know its content.

  • Notifications


    The commencement of each incoming or outgoing conversation is notified by automatic SMS message sent to the controlling number, which is done discreetly and is not stored in the phone; it is also possible to activate numbers filtering in order to reduce the amount of notifications.

  • Phone calls recording

    REC calls

    Cell phone spy software - SpyPhone Android Extreme automatically records phone conversations - both incoming and outgoing. Recordings are sent to a server and the user can access them upon logging in to a customer panel on the web site.

  • Live environment

    Live surrounding (only root)

    Live wiretapping of sounds and conversations in the immediate vicinity of the telephone. All you need to do is to call from the specified controlling phone at any time, to automatically activate the microphone in the SpyPhone device (audibility is the same as in case of incidentally picked up call and depends on the microphone in the phone), the call is discreet, it is neither signalled not registered in the SpyPhone telephone.

  • The recording of the surrounding

    REC surrounding (only root)

    Recording sounds in the surrounding on demand (the function is activated via the phone management panel upon logging in to the user’s account).

  • Wykaz rozmów

    List of calls

    The history of all telephone calls made from the telephone with the SpyPhone Android Extreme installed, is forwarded to the server.

  • Contacts


    A copy of the list of contacts stored in the SpyPhone.

  • SMS and MMS messages

    SMS and MMS messages

    Copies of all incoming and sent SMS and MMS messages are automatically forwarded to the server.

  • IM communication

    IM communicators (only root)

    Monitoring of messages sent and received via the Internet communicators:

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Hangouts
    • Hike Messenger
    • Instagram (Direct Message)
    • KIK Messenger
    • LINE
    • QQ Messenger
    • Skype
    • SnapChat
    • Telegram
    • Tinder
    • Viber
    • WeChat
    • WhatsApp
    • Yahoo Messenger
  • E-mail

    e-mail (only root)

    Copies of e-mail messages (without attachments) that were sent and received on the SpyPhone telephone (the default e-mail client) are forwarded to the server.

  • Internet


    The history of the visited websites and saved as favourite (default browser).

  • GPS location

    GPS Location

    Information about the location of the SpyPhone Android Extreme telephone based on the GPS receiver data (accuracy of up to 5m), automatic tracking of position with the specified frequency and information about the current position on demand (SMS command or a command in the panel).

  • Multimedia


    Downloading to the server copies of multimedia files from the telephone, e.g. photos taken with the photo camera, video material or sounds recorded by the sound recorder built-in in the telephone.

  • Fake SMS

    False SMS

    Possibility to send SMS messages from the SpyPhone telephone number to any other phone number; the message is not stored as a sent message in the SpyPhone.

  • Others


    Copy of notes, calendar entries and the list of installed applications, etc. monitoring of the SpyPhone Android Extreme telephone use.

Once you have installed Cell phone spy software - SpyPhone Android Extreme, you do not need to have a direct access to the telephone. Monitoring is done remotely. Using the specified telephone number, it is possible to conduct interception of conversations and the surrounding and get all data sent to the server. The user can manage the collected information and remotely change operating parameters and application settings via the panel on the website.

SpyPhone Android Extreme runs in the background and does not affect usual telephone functioning. The app is highly discreet and it is not seen as an application that one could activate in his phone.

Licence terms and installation of the cell phone spy software - SpyPhone Android Extreme software

The licence is granted for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be activated in one compatible telephone at a time. After the expiry date, the license validity may be extended for another year against payment.

The installation process is very simple and involves downloading the setup file via the browser in the SpyPhone and running it. Depending on whether the phone is brand new - factory default, or it has unlocked access to the root account, the setup process will run differently. During the installation, the Internet access via mobile network or Wi-Fi (recommended) is required.

The whole process is described in detail and presented in the user manual. If necessary, our sales staff offer their knowledge and experience and are ready to explain all the functions of the software so that none of them make trouble later on.

Cell phones compatible with SpyPhone Android Extreme software

Detailed information on the manufacturer's latest available version, compatibility and supported third-party applications.


  • Please Note!
  • The software supports android 4.0-7.0 systems
  • You need to have a physical access the target mobile phone in order to install the software. Remote installation is not possible
  • In order to install the software, the Root program is required. It is installed just as a typical application
  • You can also buy any iphone model with a spyphone software already installed. contact@detective-store.com
  • This application will allow you for phone calls as well as the surrounding eavesdropping via e-mail. If you want a version with many other functions choose SpyPhone Android Extreme

Why buy the software in a Detective Store?

Detective Store company is a registered legally operating business, we are available to our customers in retail stores and online since 2007. This way we provide a high level of services and technical support in case of problems during the use of our products.

The SpyPhone Android Extreme software is tested and updated by the software developers, whom we closely cooperate with in order to ensure a reliable and stable operation of the software that we included in our specially selected offer.

  • After updating the phone system to a newer version than the supported one, the software may stop working.
  • Installation of other producers’ applications (antivirus software, non-standard app for sound recording, non-standard app for text inserting) in the telephone with SpyPhone software, may result in incorrect operation of the SpyPhone application.
  • Restoring the system default settings (telephone format) will result in the SpyPhone application removal.
  • The application is extremely discreet, but, due to the nature of Android, it is not possible to remove all information indicative of the installed applications on a phone (an entry in the installed applications manager).
  • Reports are automatically sent when the phone is turned on and a data exchange connection is active, when the user is not using the phone at the moment.
  • The software uses the WiFi or a mobile network connection to send the data, and for data transfer via the mobile network fees are chargedfees are charged in line with the operator's rates.
  • At the moment of entering the conversation, it is possible that the third person will hear a short interruption or a message notifying on the conference call, which is not the matter of the software and depends on the mobile network operator and the speaker’s phone model.
  • The application enables recording the conversation in different ways:
    • recording via microphone - the other side of the conversation might not be heard at all or might be very difficult to hear
    • indirect recording - records both sides of the conversation, works in the telephone models supporting 2WCR (2-Way Call Recording) function
  • The interception coverage is limited to the microphone sensitivity in the phone and is usually from 3 to 5m, the sound quality depends on the noise level around the telephone, its location while using the function (e.g. telephone left in a purse) as well as on the directional characteristics of the microphone applied by the phone producer.
  • The software affects the battery life (it may reduce its operation time by about 10%).

Software return
Detective Store company reserves the right to refuse to accept the return of any software on offer.

  • Cell phone spy software - Spyphone Android Extreme for cell phones surveillance
  • User manual
  • The licence for 12 months


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  • Cell phone spy software - Spyphone Android Extreme for cell phones surveillance
  • User manual
  • The licence for 12 months

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