Smartphones spy software SpyPhone Extreme Lite – discreet phone surveillance 24/7
Smartphones spy software SpyPhone Extreme Lite – discreet phone surveillance 24/7
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Smartphones spy software SpyPhone Extreme Lite – discreet phone surveillance 24/7

  • System: Android
  • Communicators monitoring
  • Copies of photos and films with sound
  • SMS, e-mail, MMS access
  • Smartphone tracking with GPS module

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  • Please Note!
  • The software supports Android 4.0-7.0 systems
  • The spyphone has to be installed in the target phone, the one you want to "spy". Therefore, you need to have a physical access the target mobile phone in order to install the software. Remote installation is not possible
  • In order to install the software, the Root program is required. Then, the software is installed just as a typical application
  • If you own and iPhone you can also buy SpyPhone iOS Extreme supporting iphones and ipads
  • Free delivery - The product is a software and the access is sent instantly via e-mail
  • For further questions, please contact us

Smartphones spy software SpyPhone Extreme Lite – discreet phone surveillance 24/7

SpyPhone Extreme Lite is a Smartphones spy software designed for discreet monitoring of all the phone and tablet activities. By working in the background the app is discreet and allows e.g. to bug phone conversations, monitor sent and received messages of different kind, track the phone, control the accounts used for different services.

The program for monitoring the activity on the SpyPhone Extreme Lite phone is a professional and discreet tool for monitoring your kid or partner. Nowadays a mobile phone is the main channel of communication both in private and business spheres.

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    In order to receive the activation code and the manual we kindly ask you to call (+48 71 341 14 00) or e-mail us (

Important information
According to the law, bugging people without their agreement is an offence. The person has to be informed earlier about the possibility of being bugged.

What purposes is the Smartphones spy software SpyPhone Extreme Lite used for?

  • parental control
  • workers control in a company
  • safety measure in case of having the phone stolen
  • safety measure in case of kidnapping

In order to use certain functions, the device has to have access to the root account (an account in the Android system that allows to gain full control over the system, the rooting process can lead to unstable work, system damage, and result in the loss of the phone warranty rights).The proper work of the software depends on the phone. Test the software for free before buying it!

Functions offered by the SpyPhone Extreme Lite Smartphones spy software

  • Calls report

    List of calls

    The Smartphones spy software gives access to the list of all the calls with the user's data and the date and length of the calls.

  • Notifications

    Interception of the messages

    You have access to the sent SMS, e-mail, MMS messages and also you can be active in communicators like messenger, Whatsapp etc. at any time.

  • Calls report

    Call history

    History of all the phone calls made from the phone with the SpyPhone Extreme Lite software is sent to the server.

  • Contacts


    Copy of the list of contacts saved in the SpyPhone phone.

  • SMS and MMS

    SMS and MMS messages

    Copies of all the received and sent SMS and MMS messages are automatically sent to the server.

  • IM notifications

    IM communicators (only root)

    Monitoring the messages sent and received by the Internet communicators:

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Hangouts
    • Hike Messenger
    • Instagram (Direct Message)
    • KIK Messenger
    • LINE
    • QQ Messenger
    • Skype
    • SnapChat
    • Telegram
    • Tinder
    • Viber
    • WeChat
    • WhatsApp
    • Yahoo Messenger
  • Internet


    History of all visited web pages.

  • GPS tracking

    GPS tracking

    Information about SpyPhone Extreme Lite phone tracking on the basis of the data from the GPS receiver (accuracy up to 5 m). There is a possibility to get the information about the current location through SMS commands.

  • Multimedia

    Copies of photos and videos

    Quick access to the copies of photos and videos with sound taken with the phone.

  • Inne


    Copy of the notes, calendar entries and the list of installed apps etc.

After SpyPhone Extreme Lite Smartphones spy software was installed, there is no need to directly access the phone. Monitoring is done remotely and all the data is sent to the server. The user can manage gathered information and change working parameters and application settings remotely through the panel on the website.

SpyPhone Extreme Lite app works in the background and does not affect normal functioning of the phone. It is maximally discreet and not visible as an app that can be launched on the phone.

License terms and Smartphones spy software installation

The license is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be activated on one compatible phone at the same time. After the license expires, it can be prolonged against payment for the next year.

The installation process is very simple and consists in downloading the installation file via the search engine on the SpyPhone phone and switching it on. Depending on whether the phone has factory settings or has access to the root account, the installation process is run differently. Internet, mobile network or Wi-Fi (recommended) connection are necessary during installation.

The whole process is described in details and presented in the Polish language version of the manual. Our dealers offer their knowledge and experience when needed and they will explain how all the functions of the system work in such a way that none of the available functions will be troublesome.

Setting PIN and password is necessary to install the program

Why is it worth buying the software from Detective Store?

Detective Store Company is a registered and legally operating business - we are available for our clients in our locations and Internet shops from the year 2007. Thanks to that we ensure high level of service and technical support in case of problems during using our products.

SpyPhone Extreme Lite software is tested and updated by the programmers we closely co-operate with in order to ensure reliable and unfailing work of the software on our selected offer.

  • After updating the phone system to a newer version than the supported one, the software may stop working.
  • Installation of other producers’ applications (antivirus software, non-standard app for sound recording, non-standard app for text inserting) in the telephone with SpyPhone software, may result in incorrect operation of the SpyPhone application.
  • Restoring the system default settings (telephone format) will result in the SpyPhone application removal.
  • The application is extremely discreet, but, due to the nature of Android, it is not possible to remove all information indicative of the installed applications on a phone (an entry in the installed applications manager).
  • Reports are automatically sent when the phone is turned on and a data exchange connection is active, when the user is not using the phone at the moment.
  • The software uses the WiFi or a mobile network connection to send the data, and for data transfer via the mobile network fees are chargedfees are charged in line with the operator's rates.
  • At the moment of entering the conversation, it is possible that the third person will hear a short interruption or a message notifying on the conference call, which is not the matter of the software and depends on the mobile network operator and the speaker’s phone model.
  • The application enables recording the conversation in different ways:
    • recording via microphone - the other side of the conversation might not be heard at all or might be very difficult to hear
    • indirect recording - records both sides of the conversation, works in the telephone models supporting 2WCR (2-Way Call Recording) function
  • The interception coverage is limited to the microphone sensitivity in the phone and is usually from 3 to 5m, the sound quality depends on the noise level around the telephone, its location while using the function (e.g. telephone left in a purse) as well as on the directional characteristics of the microphone applied by the phone producer.
  • The software affects the battery life (it may reduce its operation time by about 10%).

Software return
Detective Store company reserves the right to refuse to accept the return of any software on offer.

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