Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking with long operation time
Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking with long operation time

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Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking with long operation time

  • Standby time: up to 50 days
  • Fuel pump remote cut-off
  • GPS/GLONASS system
  • Waterproofness IPX6
  • Real time GPS tracker has a function of activation of alarm siren

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GMT100 Real time GPS tracker with long operation time dedicated to vehicles and boats tracking

Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking is a professional locating device that has been designed for the needs of e.g. shipping and maritime transport. Built-in accumulator allows long standby time with the possibility of cutting off the fuel pump and activating alarm siren.

Real time GPS tracker GMT100 is a professional locating device that has been designed for the needs of property protection, easy location in case of going astray in the open sea or in case of theft. Two locating systems and GSM connection provide great precision and allow working in various surrounding conditions.

Key feature of GPS locator for boats GMT100

  • Precise location module

    Accurate locating module

    The real time GPS tracker has been equipped with sensitive and modern GPS module u-Blox which features great sensitivity, accuracy and quick response. The module allows locating with the accuracy even down to 5 metres bearing in mind that the accuracy of the location depends on how clean the sky is.

  • GEOFENCING – safe zone

    GEOFENCING – safe zone

    Geofencing is a highly useful function which allows the user to set a safe zone within which the vehicle can move. When the safe zone has been crossed the alarm notice is generated with the date and time of the event.

  • Antennas system

    Built-in antennas system

    The GPS and GSM antennas applied have been optimized to increase efficiency and efficacy of GPS for boats. Thanks to application of two antennas no external antennas are required for efficient performance, thus providing discreet usage.

  • Work time

    Operation time of the real time GPS tracker

    After connection with the electrical network of a boat or another vehicle the locator works in continuous mode during the vehicle operation. The real time GPS tracker GMT100 has been equipped with a built-in accumulator which keeps the device in the sleep mode for about 50 days. The use of the backup accumulator ensures efficient operation in case of malfunction, as well as when the vehicle gets stolen, it gives the opportunity to cut off the fuel pump.

  • Sim cards

    Positioning data

    Information on the device position is sent via GSM network or directly to the server. The SIM cards used in the device cannot be secured by PIN code. The real time GPS tracker GMT100 supports cards of majority of operators.

  • A year package included in the price

    Annual package included in price

    The price of the device includes annual access to the package data. The user must ensure funds are available on the SIM card to be able to fully use the text message function. The only cost of use is to prove funds on the SIM card to enable transmission of package data.

  • Dane dostępne przez Serwer

    Access via server

    Data collected from the device are sent to server via GSM transmission (data transmission fee is in line with tariffs of the service provider). Access to all information related to the device activity is possible upon logging in to the user’s account. The control panel can also be used for remote control of the real time GPS tracker GMT100 locator (the price includes 2 control commands and more commands can be additionally purchased).

  • All information on one server

    Important Information all in one place!

    User panel provides unlimited access to the routes history. All data are put on the maps, then the route graphs are developed, significantly improving analysis of the travelled distance. Through the panel the user can in intuitive way:

    • check the last position of the transmitter,
    • browse and analyse data collected in the last 6 months,
    • operate geofencing functions,
    • view information from the OBD interface.


    Application of two GPS navigation systems allowed to obtain a system with global reach; additionally, the four-range GSM communication module makes it possible to send data from anywhere within the signal range of the mobile network.


Specification of the Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking with long operation time
1 optimal conditions 2 full sky visibility 3 battery charging after the external power supply disconnecting
Chipset GPSu-blox All in One
GPS Antennaintegrated
Sensitivity of the real time GPS tracker GMT100
  • typical: 147 dBm
  • Hot Start: 156 dBm
  • location: 162 dBm
Accuracy 1
  • typical: 2 – 5 m
  • supported by SBAS: ~2 m
Launch time of the real time GPS tracker 2
  • Cold Start: 27 s (average)
  • Warm Start: < 27s
  • Hot Start: < 1 s
Quad GSM module850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
  • GSM 2/2 +
  • class 4 (2 W for 850/ 900 MHz)
  • class 1 (1 W for 1800/ 1900 Mhz)
Device classGPRS Class B
Class of multichannel transmissionGPRS multislot class 10
RMS Phase Error< 5°
Maximum exposure to RF radiation33 dBM +/-2 dBm
Input dynamic rangefrom -15 to -107 dBm
Receiver sensitivityII RBER 2% class (-107 dBm)
Frequency stability< 2,5 ppm
Maximum frequency error of the real time GPS tracker GMT100±0,1 ppm
Power supply
  • external 8-32 V DC
  • battery Li-Poly 1300 mAh
Power consumption in stand-by mode< 70 μA
Operation time
  • unlimited – connected with electrical installation
  • in stand-by mode: up to 330 h 3
  • report every 1 min: up to 48 h 3
  • report every 5 min: up to 200 h 3
  • report every 10 min: up to 230 h 3
LED indicators
  • GPS
  • GSM
WaterproofnessIPX6 norm
Operation temperature-20°C to 80°C
Dimensions86 × 62 × 26 mm
Weight of the real time GPS tracker GMT100148 g


  • Real time GPS tracker GMT100 for vehicles and boats tracking with long operation time

Reviews (3)

By Omar B.

Comment : I am very happy with this tracker and all it has to offer. Vide range of useful functions for tracking, managing data and monitoring your vehicles.
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By Macsen P.

Comment : installed in on my boat and already thwarted a theft!
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By Levi F.

Comment : Provides invaluable protection of my car as it tracks its whereabouts, remotely cuts-off fuel pump if needed and can activate the alarm - cost me a few houndred pounds but my car is definitely more expensive. Definitely recommend, especially if you own a higher class car.
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